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Review: The New SatanSam
Author: Ecstazy
Added: 18/04/2009

When it comes to the presentation of the game, The New Satan Sam delivers. Everything looks in the right place, nothing in this product makes you feel like it was made with a click product. It simply shines.

Gameplay: The game is fun and addictive, it's hard but you still can't stop playing. You might end up like me, going back to old levels, replaying them in order to get a few extra lives for another tough level. My only complaints are that indeed the game is a bit too tough in my opinion, and that Sam can really go all over the place when he starts shooting or jumping. Maybe I'm just bad, but I wish I had more control over Sam.

The graphics in the game are beautiful, either in the red-themed pits of hell, the pretty forests, or the rock/steel caves (?). This is one level above the typical click games.

The sound in the game is OK, there are lots of tracks and always something interesting to listen to, I didn't fall in love with any track but I didn't hate listening to any one of them as well.

Lastability: Well, there's not much to go back for once you finish the game, at least not something you'll really feel like bothering for. I still find some pleasure in occasionally going crazy with Sam and his red beam.

Overall this is one of the best click games out there, in case I haven't made myself clear. You must play it, and don't give up if you die one, twice, five times. PLAY IT. YES.

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Posted by Jon C-B 18th April, 2009

I totally agree, this game is amazing!
Posted by Ski 19th April, 2009

", it's hard but you still can't stop playing."

Speak for yourself
Posted by Ecstazy 19th April, 2009

What part?
Posted by Dr. James MD 19th April, 2009

Wow, cheers for the review Ecstazy! Wasn't expecting that


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