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Review: Arnold's Adventure
Author: ROZAR
Added: 16/04/2009

It's looks like a classic platformer. I find that very nice. Old school platformers where good back in the day.

So there are a few glitches. Like a enemy running you over till your death and you can't escape. Like the moon walk when you pres Left and Right. It is a very Decent game but so many glitches. This, with a few adjustments, may be a awesome platformer.

8-bity, bu blurry, glitchy, and when monsters or whatever animate they partly dissapear. But that problem could be fixed if you look for the bugs. But the 8-bit part was good though.


This game wouldn't last past 5%. It's to glitchy. And needs a slight bug fixing. This is a good try.

I gie this six to you my friend. FOR you doing a better try than the 3,456 other people out there. You could become a great platform maker with practice. Rated "EIFE Or Extremely Irritating For Everyone." Platformer game very goods.

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Posted by AndyUK 22nd April, 2009

I can barely understand what you've written...

If the game is really that glitchy i'd like to see some examples because obviously i didn't intend to release it with annoying glitches.


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