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Review: Arnold's Adventure
Author: RedEnchilada
Added: 22/04/2009

Well, this game's presentation is fairly basic. Just a plain title screen with the main character's head on it and a little readme file. Granted, a lot of Click games present themselves about the same, (heck, I do that a lot) but it would've been nice to see something interesting instead. It doesn't detract from the actual game, though. It's just average.

Now, this game plays really well. The static engine is solid, the gimmick is well-implemented, and it's very smooth. The challenge is also very good for this kind of game. The only problem I noticed was that, during level 4, I came across a part that I could not figure out how to pass. The way past should've been a little more obvious. As a result, I could not play past this part. However, the game is very fun.

Graphics are old-school, Amstrad-y stuff. I've always been a fan of old games, (as long as they're not too old XD I'm not into Pong) but the graphics don't look like the best I've seen. I appreciate the effort gone into overcoming the artificial limitations, though.

The music definitely helped the atmosphere of the game. I wouldn't have felt as compelled to play the game if it were made with library music or something of the like. However, the lack of sound effects was upsetting. Some old-school sound effects would've helped this game even more.

This game is the kind that you'll play a few times after you download it, then play every so often to try and finally beat it. If it had some branching pathways through the levels, it would've been much more replayable. As it is, the game is replayable, but only for so long.

Overall, the game was very interesting. It was the kind of game that you would expect to have played in the early 90's, or whenever the Amstrad was popular. (I haven't heard about it before now.) I enjoyed it, but it felt a little bit lacking. What's there is good, though.

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Posted by AndyUK 22nd April, 2009

Thanks for the review.

Um... are you sure you should be criticizing it for a part you couldn't work out how to get past? Surely making everything obvious just makes it too easy?

Lol, how do you know how much it resembles an Amstrad game if you've never heard of the computers?
Posted by RedEnchilada 23rd April, 2009

Because you said so

And also, I tried everything. I'll edit the review if I can get past it.


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