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Review: Arnold's Adventure
Author: Demon Lizardman
Added: 19/04/2009

I decided to download and play this game because of the cool retro look. so I played it and enjoyed it quite a bit. there were some flaws with some of the level design but overall, it felt like something on a ninetendo or atari system. It just had that nostalgic feel to it.

This is your average platformer as you hope and jump between levels so you can go to the exit. You can move boxes to get to higher elevations. Unfortunatly, you can't destroy enemies but that adds to the challenge, but sometimes they are fit in an unfair place waiting to pounce on you and such. But overall, it has some potential.

the graphics have a very atar Nes feel to it. They are 8-bit and just fit the music and the gameplay of this cute little game. the animation are simple and enjoyable and for each level there is a different Background and scenery and theme.

The music for each level fit with themes and are quite catchy which makes this game aweosme and enjoyable because if it was't catchy, it would just make the player leave the game. It also has an 8-bit nostalgic feel to it.

This is a very short 5 level game and the levels are pretty short so, there isn't that much to it. There really isn't much replaybility but because of the difficulty, dying on the first few tries makes you want to play the game again and again until you beat it.

A very nice little game that has an retro feel to it. Explore 5 short little levels with Arnold while avoiding enemies. It's a game you would want to play when you're bored.

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Posted by AndyUK 20th April, 2009

You can throw objects at the enemies to kill them. I hope that doesn't lower the overall score though, lol.
Posted by Demon Lizardman 22nd April, 2009

Didn't notice that, but the it adds mor to the fun and difficulty!


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