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Review: Grand Theft Auto-C 2
Author: Joshtek
Added: 15/05/2002

When I looked at the screenshot I thought it would be like '720' which is a game where you have to move left and right to avoid rocks...Actually this is a pretty good linear version of GTA.

It is as you may have noticed 'from the top' and doesn't have perfect graphics.

Although it is a GTA clone it has a 'pointless' mode with no missions, and a series of levels which are missions (in around three towns) where you get to to do something and then do it, there is no range of weapons or vehicles but it flwos pretty wel and does not have some common buigs (except peole get stuck inside buildings).

I reccomend you download it for something to do but unfortunatley it has nothing to make you wan't to play it again (like hidden packages) that I know it, Anyway it is good enough for me to start thinking of my own GTA game with range of weapons and vehicles and towns

:: Joshtek ::

I am not a good reviewer so play it and review it yourself


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