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Review: Grand Theft Auto-C 2
Author: Tockus
Added: 19/05/2002

Gta-C is back.......oh dear

Joe ovbiously had another free tea break, so he turned out this pile of crap. The first one was bad enough.

The worst klik game ever?

Not by a long shot (South Park Soccer gets that prize) but it is certainly in the running. I don't mean to be harsh or discouraging, but this game has absolutely no redeaming features. The free ride is pathetic and like the first one the damage system takes all speed out of the proccedings, forcing you to drive carefully. In this respect the game is more like driver than gta. I WANNA DRIVE INTO THE BUILDING

How to improve this pile of dung

1)Time, put a counter, make it speeder. So there's a challenge. Ya, man
2)Arrows. Ok i wannad KNOW WHERE TO GO. Not just drive around pointlessly! Show me where i is supposed to go, dude
3)Police. This would require some programming, but without it the game falls to peices. And it has. I never get tired of being wrong.
4)Cut the gay music. I like gorrilaz but that midi is really gay
5)Points, make a point counter, spaz. Get points for killing people, and make them scream rather than splat
6)Humour. GTA was funny. gta-c,not


That gets me onto the graphics. Tigerworks anyone? Yes we know where you got the libary, and the people are awful. Put a bit of work into the sprite. That is why presentation wise you get a 1. Oh, if only 0's where possible.




You'll delete it after a couple of goes. I did.


Poor, but if it keeps improving at this rate gta-c 1110, should be Ok. That said don't make another one. A shame, 'cos this game has potential to be great.


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