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Grand Theft Auto-C 2
Author: C-Media Submitted: 15th May, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Drive 'Em Up Downloads: 1572

This is my attempt at makiing a GTA game. Personally I think it is quite good, and so do others. It includes,

2 Free Ride Missions,
7 Job Missions,
2 different cars (free ride),
Password System,
Many bugs fixed


Review This Download (417 bytes )

Posted by Joshtek 15th May, 2002

I see 'C2' have you a Chapter one?
Posted by C-Media 15th May, 2002

yeh, but it sucked so i deleted it. Muhahaha!
Posted by 15th May, 2002

Posted by Joshtek 15th May, 2002

its not that bad.. and who are you anyway, a Chris D?
Posted by pixelscope 15th May, 2002

ChrisD is the king of cussing. ;)
Posted by Mutantleg 15th May, 2002

Lol man, i couldnt push the missions or the free ride or even quit button HEEELP!!! :)
Posted by Joshtek 15th May, 2002

Try using tab.
Posted by C-Media 15th May, 2002

use the mouse
Posted by Max 16th May, 2002

If you want to see the first GTA-C game, check out this link:
Posted by Joshtek 16th May, 2002

Junk, if you hated GTA C1 so much then why did u DL C2?
Posted by Ecstazy 17th May, 2002

Well, it could use lots of work. It's hardly interactive and there's only one car to take...
Posted by Joshtek 17th May, 2002

yeh, it needs less mission-related stuff, Grand Theft Otto should havr that :)
Posted by 18th May, 2002

Hehe, check out the size of that game!In fact its 417 bytes =)'s really 600 kb...
Posted by Joshtek 18th May, 2002

417bytes is the size of the redirect or something.
Posted by Max 18th May, 2002

Joshtek, I just downloaded it since I have a morbid fascination *cough* sado-masochism *cough* for badly made games, if anyone can help me go ahead :)
Posted by Tockus 19th May, 2002

my review was harsh but fair:)
Posted by Joshtek 21st May, 2002

IF theres worse stuff then why a 1? And you game sounds pathetic and your previewing sills ae -1 so dont be a newbie and just think of negatives - Also Blur arent the best band, I prefer Gorrilaz.
Posted by Tockus 23rd May, 2002

Joshtek 1) I didn't just think of the neg. i gave improvement suggestions 2)You musically retarded bastard. Gorrillaz are nothing compared to blur damon alburn made a mistake going all dancey. 13 was also rubbish. I have all blur and gorrilaz albums and gorrilaz is v.poor compared to park life and MLIR
Posted by C-Media 24th May, 2002

actually,i think i prefer gorrilaz too, and im not just saying that cus u gave me a bad review
Posted by Tockus 24th May, 2002

Ok joe. gta-c could be quite good if do what i said, and put some time into it. Kepp working on it. It has a large potential. But the element of speed and a sence of direction are desperately needed.
Posted by C-Media 28th May, 2002

and in your review, what are you talking about with the graphics. I didnt use a lib! I drew them all myself, and even if i did, what is wrong with it?
Posted by Tockus 3rd June, 2002

the car is in the tigerworks lib- unless you did that-then sorry, plus the peole look really bad and on the burout level when you get out of your car it dissappears along with the man.
Posted by 8th July, 2002

I was going to download but after i read the comments and saw that you were trying to link a .bmp as a screeny... I think i'll pass.
Posted by Deathbringer 13th July, 2002

The "destroy the lawn" level crashes my comp..
Posted by Inferno 24th July, 2002

the others people in the game are funny looking. they make me laugh, would you make a gta-c3, with better graphics? :) :;
Posted by kreature 1st August, 2002

This game has a good potential, and although a lack of originality, gameplay and graphics, a GTA-C3 can be a real facelifter for this series of game. But I would rather suggest that you make up your own name etc.
Posted by 8th August, 2002

This is really the best click game i ever tried!
Posted by Zyko 15th August, 2002

Posted by james 22nd September, 2002

It really sux
Posted by Touque Guy 28th September, 2002

Some parts of this game are hard and some are easy. Here are a few suggestions: Can you have a few more weapons? The pistol just isn't enough. Most of the buildings look the same... Besides that, I love it! Keep up the good work!
Posted by Joe.H 16th November, 2002

all except 1 building is the same
Posted by Sean 18th November, 2002

gettin it now. ill see how good it is!
Posted by Sly 26th November, 2002

My friend, there is no animation what-so-ever. The civilians are bouncing balls which fly around and only have one direction. You are much the same - a floating head. There are practically no sounds, (are there even any?) and the best thing about it is the fact you can turn people into a red pile of mush. =P
Posted by Fatace 31st August, 2003

i could do better if i do say so myself but i like to be original
Posted by Naudas 2nd February, 2004

Posted by Naudas 2nd February, 2004

in glaublish nicht!!!!
Posted by Naudas 2nd February, 2004

I love that game but i dont like you motha fucka creators
Posted by qwe 31st May, 2004

Link dont work! So FIX it!
Posted by akim 15th August, 2004

ahahahahahahahahahahahaha now u came to gta2 hahahahahahahahahahahahaha ( but nice anyway!):)
Posted by Toni Lähdekorpi 27th September, 2004

hey i cant download, link broken?
Posted by Leon101 4th February, 2005

ummmm, yeah the link is kind of broken, so i will have to find another site to download it from, but where?
Posted by ß | ų ų Š _ (/\) ! $ ţ 10th February, 2005

the good thing in GTA is the free coice to go to anywhere and get any car u want...but 2 cars? i know u can do more then that :)
Posted by Nightfire 25th February, 2005

C-Media......THE LINK IS BROKEN!!!!!
Posted by Comrade the Soviet Under Dog 14th December, 2005







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