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Review: Grand Theft Auto-C 2
Author: Max
Added: 15/05/2002

I remember the former GTA-C, and it wasn't a pretty good game. In fact, it was pretty bad. I sent in a really bad review, too By seeing the screenshots and download link below, I didn't expected much from the sequel of this under-worked GTA clone.


It is slighty better than the first game, but it's still pretty bad compared to many other click games around here. There's some little differences between both games. Unlike the first game, you won't be brought to black screens saying "Package delivered", "guy killed" and stuff alike each time you complete a objective. It has been replaced by a mission indicator saying which objective comes next. However, it's badly programmed. At times it said me stuff like "bring car back to garage" when I didn't even got it off the garage yet. Nor did I fulfilled my evil purposes with it. You can finally get around on foot and dismount your car. It is pratically useless though, apart from completing objectives, since squahing people in a car is a much more fun and immediate way.


That squashing people on a car comment just brings me to the gameplay part. What's new since GTA-C? Well, not much stuff. You can now kill pedestrians by shooting them, but this certainly isn't exciting me much. The levels are just more of the same stuff you saw in GTA-C, although the "Life or Death" highway driving mission was a fun level and different for a change. Some minor glitches when it comes to car driving: when you just entered a vehicule, you seem to be driving right, then when you turn your car, it magically faces up! Also, it doesn't seem to matter when you kill people supposed to give you crucial items or your pay; you kill them, and the mission still carries on at normal. The "mowing lawn" mission was more of a boredom exercise than anything else, and when I finally accomplished this tedious task, the game crashes. Duh, well I guess I won't see the last levels. Although I certainly didn't missed much.


Slighly better than GTA-C, but still mediocre. The pedestrians are nothing else but giant heads with hair on top and the buildings barely look like buildings. The fade transitions used to fade from one frame to the other doesn't look very good on my computer and messes my whole display for a while. A laughable sight from this game is the "criminal" handing out bombs to ou. He looks like some sort of giant spider and my first though when seeing him was to run away, just in case it would bite me and reduce my car to shreds. Music is nothing we haven't heard before and is average.


Please do not make me play this game again... please... You'll struggle with boredom for the most part and that fight will last about a mere 10 minutes.

Closing notes

GTA-C 2 is about as bad than GTA-C was. Boring missions, boring gameplay (please take note that it takes more than some blood and splattered brains to make a good game) and looks of it will kill you...literally. If you're someone who bumped into this review, just avoid this game. To the game's author, if you are to make another sequel of GTA-C, please make it a proper one, not a rushed product made in some mere hours. Sorry if that review's somehow mean, but I'm doing my best to be honest.


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