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Destruction Zone
Author: C-Media Submitted: 7th July, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 297

This is a game I made in 2000, I have actually only just found it on a floppy disc . I am releasing this because I decided to make the sequel, so I thought you better know the first version. This game contains 3 arenas and about 4 weapons including the machine gun, flamethrower, rocket and shotgun. I have improved the graphics slightly and also a very small preview of DZ2. So, really I dont expect any reviews/good reviews at all as this is a rubbish verion. But still, it can be good to set people, trees, graves and canisters on fire!

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Posted by 7th July, 2002

the weapons dont work
Posted by 7th July, 2002

never mind :)
Posted by Crono 7th July, 2002

umm jkd this game DOES NOT derserve a 8! thats sayin its almost as good as ED!
Posted by Ashman 7th July, 2002

It's unfair to judge a game in comparison to others especially if they are in a completely different category. I am downloading now, and if it's good I might be giving it a 10 just to piss you off!!!! BWA HA HA HA HA
Posted by Crono 7th July, 2002

when u compare which two games are better it doesn't what the genre is it matters how good the game is.
Posted by C-Media 7th July, 2002

wait a moment guys! this game totally sucks and your giving it a 8/10!! OMG! I made it 2 years ago, it is supposed to suck! I dont think you understood!
Posted by Deathbringer 8th July, 2002

XD, well its fun for a few minutes- one little bug is if you press C too much you cant fire because theres too much people taking up the TGF active object limit.. oh well..just remember that when you make the sequel ^-^
Posted by C-Media 9th July, 2002

:) :):):):) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :):):) :):):):) :):):) I want to know if this looks like "lol", lol
Posted by C-Media 9th July, 2002

errrr....something went wrong, lol XD
Posted by Crono 9th July, 2002

(*b)----(*g)(*g)--(*b) (*b)---(*g)--(*g)-(*b) (*b)---(*g)--(*g)-(*b) (*b)---(*g)--(*g)-(*b) (*b)----(*g)(*g)--(*b) u need to use dashes
Posted by C-Media 10th July, 2002

:):):)--:)--:) :)--:)--:):) :)--:)--:)--:) :):):)--:)----:)
Posted by C-Media 10th July, 2002

Posted by C-Media 10th July, 2002

to mike...i think its virtually impossible to fix that
Posted by 11th July, 2002

Use MMF instead, it got a bigger object limit!
Posted by C-Media 11th July, 2002

i am
Posted by 17th July, 2002

i use TGA Pro and dont have object limits






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