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Skeeter Demo
Author: C-Media Submitted: 18th June, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 201

Skeeter demo now available! Collect a certain ammount of wheels to pass the level.
* 3 Levels, 1 World
* Selection Of Monstors
* Cartoony Graphics

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Posted by C-Media 18th June, 2002

Screenshots will work soon
Posted by colej_uk 18th June, 2002

This is quite a good game, it's simple, quite good fun and a quite addictive
Posted by C-Media 18th June, 2002

thx for the review
Posted by vigge 18th June, 2002

the player animation looks funny :) nice joe
Posted by C-Media 18th June, 2002

Posted by Bradley Smith 18th June, 2002

This game literally melts away all exitement and brings forth boredom and stupidity.
Posted by Crono 18th June, 2002

Wow bradley, I love it how you give helpful tips on improving his game while being polite at the same time lol This game is kinda fun, but it does sorta get annoying to get back on all the high platforms to get the wheels
Posted by C-Media 18th June, 2002

it would be easy if you didn't tho
Posted by C-Media 18th June, 2002

even tho it is easy anyway...i thought I would tell you that thgenext world is a dungeon styl and has cool dangling spiders...also, more monsters and platforms will be put into world 1 on the full game (world 1 is the world in the demo)
Posted by C-Media 18th June, 2002

also, im adding a two player mode, and a few other modes (when i think of them), thx for the reviews, especially jack frost cus now i know how to improve my game :)
Posted by 19th June, 2002

this game sucks
Posted by colej_uk 19th June, 2002

a 2 player mode would be fun
Posted by C-Media 19th June, 2002

joel, is that all you can say.. anyway, i want to try one of your games to see if it is better
Posted by 19th June, 2002

Ok, im gonna remake Skeeter with my own engine, >:)
Posted by JohnsProgram 19th June, 2002

too many low ratings... Don't make C-media very upset :(
Posted by Marcus 19th June, 2002

this game is stupid, you can't even spell "monsters" stupid gay boy
Posted by C-Media 19th June, 2002

woah! sorry! didnt it occur to you that I might have tapped the wrong key on the keyboard!
Posted by The Chris Street 20th June, 2002

oh yeah. To see the screenshots, just add .jpg to the end of the url
Posted by 20th June, 2002

All of C-Medias games suck!
Posted by C-Media 20th June, 2002

that makes me feel better joel, much better...anyway, do u have any games, i really would like to see if you could do any better?
Posted by Jason Orme 20th June, 2002

lol, thats kinda like what my skateboarding game is going to be like. Instead on mine you wil be able to grind down rails n stuff. Still A Nice Ideas though
Posted by Tockus 20th June, 2002

Posted by Tockus 20th June, 2002

i brought ur average up.hahahahaha
Posted by matrixkitty 20th June, 2002

very good an cute when u jump
Posted by diablos 21st June, 2002

looks like a starting of a good game but needs more depth, but two players would make the game beter though
Posted by C-Media 21st June, 2002

yeh, thx to the ppl who made helpful and couraging comments. I have added more monstors, objects which chnage speed, and also a battle arena for 2 players
Posted by C-Media 21st June, 2002

btw tockus, who is mr clickm planet?
Posted by 21st June, 2002

Posted by C-Media 22nd June, 2002

i know! I mispelt it! Im so sorry that it is so important to you joel!
Posted by JohnsProgram 22nd June, 2002

You hate lots of games, even mine maybe...
Posted by C-Media 22nd June, 2002

who, me?
Posted by vigge 22nd June, 2002

shut up joel, show us your games and stop saying that other people is gay, cuz you sounds like a gay!
Posted by Tockus 22nd June, 2002

joe, please. STOP MAKING GAMES
Posted by JohnsProgram 22nd June, 2002

No, joel and the others :P
Posted by Jason Orme 24th June, 2002

Shoudnt correct peoples spelling, you never know if they are dyslexic or not.
Posted by Crono 24th June, 2002

No offense but I think this is the worst game on the GOTW voting list and it's in 3RD PLACE. How the hell is this possible?! They should all goto shining armor!
Posted by Joshtek 25th June, 2002

Shining armour doesn't work on my PC so it never get my vote.
Posted by Crono 25th June, 2002

did u vote 4 this?
Posted by deh 25th June, 2002

C-media your games are crap kthx.






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