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Limbless Demo 1.0
Author: C-Media Submitted: 3rd July, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 130

I have only released this for one reason only. To get comments and see if you think I should improve a few things on it. Im doing this because I will probably get a wide range of comments from lots of people. Please be honest and tell me whether I should have more collectables, more monsters or whatever you want. Thanks..

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Posted by vigge 3rd July, 2002

more enemys! just a tip :)
Posted by C-Media 3rd July, 2002

done :)
Posted by Rikus 3rd July, 2002

Well i dunno by releasing a beta this early it kind of spoils the fun for the downloader as he has to download the same game every time you change something. I think it would be better to ask people to beta test your game, instead of releasing beta games to the public.
Posted by C-Media 3rd July, 2002

im not releasing another demo tho
Posted by Georgie 3rd July, 2002

Um, about the boss. I jumped to the top of the screen and I got to go to the next level. Is it suppose to do that?
Posted by Crono 3rd July, 2002

you need some enemies that attack to the left and right, all of them shoot up.
Posted by C-Media 3rd July, 2002

hmm...georgie, it doesnt do that, you probably beat the boss and so it looked like you jumped to the top of the screen if you know what I mean, crono: dont worry, i have already added some, but I stillneed AI, Does anybody know any?
Posted by C-Media 3rd July, 2002

actually georgie, the problem is that for some reason, ive put an event "if boss leaves bottom of area" goto next level! lol! Thanks for pointing out that there was something wrong.
Posted by colej_uk 4th July, 2002

This game is good :) A few ideas for improvement i have are; make the storyline more detailed (maybe it already will be in the full game), and maybe some weapons would make the game more fun
Posted by ACE_Spark 4th July, 2002

Yeh, boss dont work.. Anyway, it needs a little more too it, and then it'd rock. I'd review it, but it's a little too early.
Posted by Sam_The_Ninja 5th July, 2002

ok,this is cool, they said needs more bad guys..maybe like a invinciblity thing like in sonic that lasts for a couple of minutes?





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