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Author: xXAaronXx Submitted: 24th July, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 535

The poor kid whoever he is has lost his dog down a long hole, you gotta save em or the boy is gonna be just so sad. cuz noone likes a bloody disfigured animal as a pet. go save that crazy dog like creature of a thing for em!!!!

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Posted by xXAaronXx 24th July, 2002

Its a geocities link, right click and save as to download the game.
Posted by xXAaronXx 25th July, 2002

anyone got a comment?
Posted by xXAaronXx 25th July, 2002

I know it is pretty hard, i guess it was alot easier for me since i made it so i know where enemies are and everything. i myself have only got through the whole thing 1 time.
Posted by zork25 26th July, 2002

It's too hard.. Almost impossible! XD
Posted by xXAaronXx 26th July, 2002

It is far from impossible, you just gotta keep playing and get better, eventually youll get through it with many lives left and wonder why you couldnt do it before. just tap the hover button lots to keep from falling at a real high speed. and you can almost get through an entire level with just one of the black powerups.
Posted by BlackZombie 27th July, 2002

Ya, I think you either need more hovering power, or a slower fall speed.
Posted by xXAaronXx 28th July, 2002

well ya just gotta get the green powerup and get more. or try get a black one then you can charge up because you wont be able to get hurt. just keep trying, eventually it wont be too hard for you.
Posted by matrixkitty 29th July, 2002

get sum other host
Posted by Poke & Gravy 29th August, 2002

It's hard but it is fun and it is a great idea. Might wanna check the punctuation on the intro though.
Posted by 27th July, 2006






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