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Super Copter
Author: xXAaronXx Submitted: 7th June, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 132

Edited By xXAaronXx on 6/10/2005

I made this game in under an hour while I was bored one morning. Guide your copter to avoid the spikes. Shoot the missles to get rid of a spike. Your power guage will raise each time you move, so keep moving around and then you can release your super power when your guage is full.
The spikes gradually increase speed, so try to fill your guage as much as possible to have a nice supply of missles on hand. ENJOY!

There are two modes of moving:
Double Space: Insert & Delete
Single Space: Page Up & Page Down

Missles: Space
Super Power: Control

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Posted by DaVince 8th June, 2005

That screenshot smells like animutation...
Posted by Flava 9th June, 2005

Tastes like fish.
Posted by wario 9th June, 2005

bah sounds like another stupid trick to make us d/l retard sh*t.
Posted by Flava 9th June, 2005

I downloaded it, and your right.
Posted by xXAaronXx 10th June, 2005

Im sorry everyone The controls are: Single Space Movement: insert & Delete Double Space Movement: Page Up & Page Down Missle: Shift Super Power When Guage Is Full: Ctrl This is a real game, Just made in a short time.
Posted by Hempuli 26th September, 2005

I cant hear anything.





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