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Spank ROMP
Author: Metal Maiden Submitted: 3rd October, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 346

Spank ROMP is a platform game where you take upon the role of Spanky, a Buttweasel from Planet Butt. After the intro, you may choose out of three different paths. Each path has a variety of levels that range in difficulty and contain items, which you may collect to gain points. There are also bonus levels and bosses at the end of each path. It is a very fun game and everyone should try it!

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Posted by oni 4th October, 2002

There seem to be some comments missing here... How peculiar...
Posted by Simdrone052 4th October, 2002

OMG !!!!!!1111 A BUTTWEASEL FROM TEH PLANNET BUTT IS TEH BEST GUY EVARR!!!!11 To tell you the truth, I am never going to download a game that is 2.9 megabytes, looks like crap (NO OFFENSE) , and has a description like that.
Posted by Metal Maiden 4th October, 2002

WOW! I'M SO HAPPY TO HEAR THAT! Sorry it looks like crap. Maybe you should try it out then judge it.
Posted by Simdrone052 5th October, 2002

Continue making games and stuff, but 2.9 mbs takes pretty long, and I just don't think it is worth it...
Posted by bhlaab 6th October, 2002

I have a cable modem, so 2.9 mbs is, like, "vwwwwwip!" So I didn't worry about that. I downloaded it just to spite those who didn't, hoping that the "Buttweasel From the Planet Butt" was satire. Plus, it looked like an old school Klik & Play game. It wasn't bad, but it's definatly below average. The Buttweasel's face kept getting stuck on things, and the damn thing just didn't jump high enough. Still, it's a nice effort for what I assume is a first try at making a game.
Posted by Alex Scobell 9th October, 2002

God 2.9 meg does not take that long. And god you don't even give this game a chance. I'm downloading it now. Who knows you could be missing out on a great game?
Posted by Alex Scobell 9th October, 2002

This game is cool. Download it. Its fun!
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 2nd November, 2003






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