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Castle Myer: Sonet of Darkness DEMO
Author: Metal Maiden Submitted: 27th August, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 167

Edited By Limp Lika Pimp on 8/29/2003

Once a Pastor in the holy town of Belthos, Lord Devon Myer was confronted by the devil, Persemegreus, and all the hatred deep inside him was released. Townsfolk begain to die, having thier bodies mutilated in the streets. Then it became clear who was behind this.

The church of Belthos did not wish for Myer's death, however, so he was placed in a correctional asylum. Three days later, at dark, an old friend of Myer's came to visit. The guard let him in, then left. When he retuned, the visitor's body was torn to shreds, guts tossed about, with his blood drawn in the shape of a pentagram. And Myer...he was gone.

Abruptly afterwards, the old castle, long unused since the days of the war with Osmore, becomes lit and the skies above it pulse with a fiery purple haze. Demons of hell appear and rampage through the town. Women are slaughterd. Men are tortured. Children are killed in the most unimaginable ways.

Myer had to be stopped. Lucred Vincent, guard and holy man of Belthos, grabs his weapon and prepares to enter the castle of darkness...Castle Myer.

This is a second version of the game. The previous version, Requiem of Darkness, was dropped becuase it featured terrible graphics.Example here:
Now it has ondergone much in the gfx department, and some extras added in too.
Becuase i lost the old font used for this game, most people will see the text oddly. Sorry!

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Posted by Metal Maiden 27th August, 2003

WTF??? Damn, I go through all tat trouble and the pics don't show...go here then:
Posted by Metal Maiden 28th August, 2003

The thumbnails work.
Posted by Metal Maiden 29th August, 2003

Sorry, I didn't wish to invest over half my efforts in making custom movement, (which I haven't gripped yet, btw) Besides, I just wanted to make a game, not go overboard in developing this boy. Just give it a try, don't be a prick.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 30th August, 2003

He's not being a prick. He's giving constructive criticism. Your game is neigh unplayable in this state.
Posted by Metal Maiden 30th August, 2003

Sorry, that was kinda rude. I tried to delete that too. I don't know why you both are having this problem, it runs fine on my computer and my friends also. It's just standard platform movement :)
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 30th August, 2003

The problem is most noticable when you fall a long way down, because when you do, the collision isn't detected until your character has gotten stuck in the floor. That's what detectors are used for.
Posted by Pete Nattress 30th August, 2003

i agree with comments above. this game is seriously buggy to the point that it is unplayable. please take constructive criticism well, if you don't like what you hear it's your problem, not the problem of the reviewer.
Posted by Metal Maiden 30th August, 2003

I'm confused, becuase it works fine for me, shit, i went through it twice. I know basic platform movemtn sucks, but it's still usuable. I didn't add any funky dectection stuff in. Try pressing the arrow key before you land, that usually will stop most things from happening. And Pete- I did apologize, so lay off.
Posted by Pete Nattress 31st August, 2003

yeah i had the page cached for ages so i didnt see you'd apologised, sorry. but trust me, the game doesnt work.
Posted by Metal Maiden 4th September, 2003

Thanks for lettng me know guys. Maybe if I feel like touching this game again I'll update the engine with mmf's platform object and change the first stage.





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