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Spanky the Buttweasel 2
Author: Metal Maiden Submitted: 2nd September, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 211

Edited By Limp Lika Pimp on 9/2/2003

Edited By Limp Lika Pimp on 9/2/2003

Hey! This is a very old klik n PLay game I made. It took me 2 years to make! It is a cartoony game called The Stupid Adventures of Spanky the Buttweasel 2.

The game has you controling Spanky the Buttweasel, a citizen of Planet Butt. He eats spam, kills turtles and causes havoc amuck. The Emporer, Xeneos, and his assistant Gaimel decide that they're gonna use a new weapon-- the Spelinker Cannon, and get Spanky once and for all!

This massive game features 96 frames of massive platform action, some crazy bosses and the weirdest enemies you'll ever see! Who cares how old this motha is?? Give this beast a try!!

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 (5.71mb )
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Posted by Metal Maiden 2nd September, 2003

Forgot to mention: Thanks to Kirby Smith for hosting my images!!! You're the man!!
Posted by ripthor 4th September, 2003

The file is too big for Geocities and their so-low bandwich limit. It's going to take ages before I can get my hands on it...
Posted by The Chris Street 4th September, 2003

Hmm a 1.5 minute download.
Posted by Joeri Pisart (Bloody Jojo) 4th September, 2003

Looks kewl!!!
Posted by Metal Maiden 4th September, 2003

If yall wanna see something fuuny, type in yolateze as a password.
Posted by Metal Maiden 4th September, 2003

Hey guys sit tight. I'm gonn a get a server tonight and I'll upload the game there. Lataz.
Posted by Astral_86 4th September, 2003

At last some games is being submitted !! WOW this looks hilarious! :D
Posted by SoftWarewolf 4th September, 2003

uh.. a bit too stupid i think
Posted by Metal Maiden 5th September, 2003

Yea maybe, but this game was made nearly four years ago. Anyways, I'm not paying $80 for that hosting listed above, so I'm gonna find one friday and host the game afterwards. Keep checking, allright???
Posted by Kareem Kamel 5th September, 2003

a bit too stupid and the graphics looks like my chicken made them .. now worth 2 years at all . unless you worked in the last week only .
Posted by Hayo 5th September, 2003

I have a chicken in charge for doing my gfx too, he is pretty good at it :) I love stupid games!
Posted by renneF 6th September, 2003

it took two years to make this?? how come?
Posted by Metal Maiden 6th September, 2003

It is a very long game! And I also have these cut-scenes in it that have talking and stuff, and those took some time to make. It's outdated now and isn't up to today's click standards, but this has been my biggest project to date.
Posted by laguna 30th December, 2003

I BEAT THE GAME! What a terrible thing to have to do, running from level 6 straight through to level 10. Oh lord, I barely made it. Great game! Great bosses! My friends watched me play this all evening and had a good time. We had some great laughs at the cut scenes. Beating Number 4 was probably the hardest part.
Posted by Cazra 31st December, 2003

great game. Although newbieish, the graphics actually mix well with the cartoonish presentation of the game. This is also better than the original Spanky the Buttweasle.
Posted by Andrew Barontini 10th April, 2005

ha i laugh at my self i cant even make graphics as good as these and your critiziing him





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