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ShaveCraig xmas
Author: bigdave Submitted: 14th October, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 224

Edited By Bigdave on 10/20/2002

A cool shaving game. A new genre created by davSter. In this game you shave santa with the golden razor. A very funny game despite the lack of gameplay. Well, worth a download. Also, check out ShaveCraig 2 under action.

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Posted by OFFINC/Aharms 14th October, 2002

sounds like a real winner to me!
Posted by Kamakazekrazyklown 14th October, 2002

This game is amazing
Posted by Gongashplei 14th October, 2002

yes... it has my vote for gotw...
Posted by Zulfikar54 14th October, 2002

LOL I must say, this game absolutely rocks! Add a few more random things and this could be one of those "hilarious games that you gotta show all your friends!"
Posted by bigdave 15th October, 2002

thank you. I'm suprised you like it coz it was made for my friends at school who know craig
Posted by bigdave 15th October, 2002

If you want to see any more of the shavecraigs, please request them. There are 2 others. Don't forget to review it
Posted by Pete Nattress 15th October, 2002

bloody hell. dave showed me this game ages ago and i thought it was pretty funny, but this just takes the p***. dave, it pains me to say it, but well done. craig will be proud.
Posted by The Chris Street 15th October, 2002

Genuinely disturbing and genuinely hideous XD
Posted by Deathbringer 15th October, 2002

Funniest and most pointless yet strangley good game since "Nudiste", well done XD
Posted by Zulfikar54 15th October, 2002

LoL, if you have others, lets see 'em!
Posted by MasterM 16th October, 2002

THANK YOU VERY MUCH you scared me a lot I can see weird people…
Posted by gustav 17th October, 2002

best. ever.
Posted by bigdave 18th October, 2002

i'll put the first ever ShaveCraig up soon (tho it's not as good) but i can't find SC2 which is much better. I started SC3 a while ago but stopped because of lack of demand. If you want, i'll carry on with it and i'll put a preview up soon
Posted by bigdave 19th October, 2002

still no reviews?
Posted by bigdave 19th October, 2002

why don't you check out ShaveCraig 2 (now up)
Posted by ACE_Spark 20th October, 2002

Its a bit hard to review this...
Posted by bigdave 21st October, 2002

i guess
Posted by Alex Scobell 24th October, 2002






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