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Author: bigdave Submitted: 16th October, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 76

Edited By Bigdave on 10/20/2002

A great and very addictive game. In SaveDave, you are dave and you have to dodge bombs thrown down by the devil. I know, bombs thrown DOWN by the devil, just don't complain. It may not sound that much but definately worth a download! Click on the link to read more

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Posted by royal knight software 16th October, 2002

the devil is down not up. it would be thrown up by the devil.
Posted by Mindstorms 16th October, 2002

it doesnt f'ing matter.....
Posted by Gongashplei 16th October, 2002

Your description makes it sound like the game 'Romeo' that came with Klik and Play.
Posted by Blast_Boy 17th October, 2002

Where are the screen shots people?
Posted by bigdave 17th October, 2002

i feel very offended by your comments and review. It doesn't matter if the devil should be in hell, not in the sky. The gameplay is what it's for and i don't understand how you can't enjoy its simplicity! I don't know what Romeo is and there should be screenshots soon.
Posted by Pete Nattress 17th October, 2002

maybe you should show them the limited edition?
Posted by kreature 18th October, 2002

You shouldn't feel offended. Most of the people who make games do get bad feedback in the start, and it's actually harder now than ever, with the standards games like Factor-X and Eternal Daughter has set. The gamers expect more, and SaveDave get just too simple. But this shouldn't stop you from continuing making games; experience counts, and any feedback, is good feedback (for newbs anyway). In the future you'll know what to do better...
Posted by bigdave 18th October, 2002

well, to be honest, i'm really bad at making games so i keep trying with simple ones like this until i get it right. It does save time. My theory is that it's better to make a good idea short than to make a crap idea long. thanks for the advice, i'll spend my time elsewhere
Posted by Simdrone052 18th October, 2002

rushed>> AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA ME>> I REALLY made this game, BigDave is trying to take credit for MY masterpeice...
Posted by bigdave 19th October, 2002

what are you talking about?
Posted by Pete Nattress 19th October, 2002

what masterpiece is that?
Posted by kreature 19th October, 2002

Simdrone, i don't wanna know about ur sexual problems... Bigdave, keep trying.. one day u will end up with something at least.. practice makes perfect!
Posted by Rik 31st October, 2002

Hmm the graphics were even worse than I was expecting.. well actually those birds looked kinda cool, Dave looks bad though. But the gameplay's not as bad as the comments made me think it would be. Almost addictive. Almost. It reminds me of the games I made in KNP when I was starting out!
Posted by bigdave 4th November, 2002

this was the second game i ever made, second to Davsoccer, you don't want to see that.





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