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joNick paint
Author: Nick of All Trades Submitted: 15th October, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 100

We have created a very simple write program in Multi Media Fusion. Our first thing made in that program, and probably our last. Whatever, this is an example, you can check out to how we have made it. You are also allowed to use this program (wich I guess you not going to do) for your own games. We are at least going to do it so often we can, and of course we are going to uppgrade it in TGF.

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Posted by Gongashplei 15th October, 2002

seconds of fun!
Posted by HOSJ 15th October, 2002

um, upgrade to TGF?
Posted by Nick of All Trades 15th October, 2002

we mean upgrade the graphic...
Posted by Hplkopra 15th October, 2002

Eh? No .exe? No .exe, no idea! And my TGF doesn't work, so I can't make it working.
Posted by Deathbringer 15th October, 2002

MMF is more advanced than TGF..XD
Posted by Blast_Boy 15th October, 2002

right.......... or u could just use microsoft paint!!!!!
Posted by Muggus 15th October, 2002

Haha looks like a program I made ages ago, but mine had more stuff and you could make it interactive... I think people expect more than this these days...
Posted by royal knight software 17th October, 2002

this person also makes it look like he has a company with people helping him by saying "we". if he had helpers they might help him make a good thing.
Posted by Black&White 6th July, 2004

Give the kid a break!!





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