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GO! TríDi balman
Author: Nick of All Trades Submitted: 4th January, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 290

Edited By joNick art on 1/4/2003

Here is a game wich don't have a special new idea. Run through four levels to kill the boss. But it is pretty hard, so you can have yourself some hours to finnish it. It is so hard that it is some VERY dicret cheats: In the first loading screeen, press A for the first level, B for the second, C for the third and so on. We comment some screenshots later.

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Posted by kreature 4th January, 2003

Nice game, although I do question the level design. The enemies seem randomly placed, as you play on luck when getting through the levels.
Posted by Rhino Studios© 4th January, 2003

no comments, the game looks bad, and so do the descripton..
Posted by Jason Orme 4th January, 2003

This is Dull The enemies are badly placed
Posted by Matt [cash money klikaz] 4th January, 2003

say wha?
Posted by Addicted Tzo PS2! 5th January, 2003

Dlng Right Nu! Ik kijk er naar vooruit! Ik ghooop daht nie Again een Demo EAST! :P:D In this TAINTED SOUL! I'll look tegenaan... :)
Posted by -_darkman_- 5th January, 2003

the screenie helped me in deciding not to download it,good job!





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