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Dragon Slayer -Beta Demo- #2
Author: Nick of All Trades Submitted: 26th February, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 119

Edited By joNickArt on 8/13/2003

This is the second demo version of our current, greater project. It is called "Dragon Slayer" and have a pretty good graphic in some places, but the worst in the graphic, we think, is the main character.
As you maybe notice, if you have played out the first demo, we haven't working too much of it. We have changed the music a litlle bit and stuffs, but we haven't working too much at the game. And the reason is the cutscenes. They are many, they are long and they are boring to make. But even if it case so much problem, they must be made. They are rolling the story through the game, and it wouldn't be funny with prolouge frames wich explains what who was happen/has happen. But the big stuff with the cutscenes is that many of the charathers you may only see in the cutscenes. We guess you don't care, so let us go o with the description of the game.
(Following text you can see when you press F1 in the game)
Dragon Slayer:
a joNick art Enteraniment 2002 production
by joNick art Enteraniment 2002 (Our site) (A good site)
ICQ: 161532873

OK, that wasn't necessary. But it is cool, isn't it?
Well, we begin with the story

Once upon a time, there was a village, who not had a name, so there wasn't many people who cared.
I don't care either, but whatever. Anyway, in that village almost every one was sad.
They had no home or no food. Reason: an evil dragon was about to burn down every house and eat up all seedharvest in the village.
So the mayor of the village, called a meeting of the people. He had a solution.
He would hand over the problem to you, a weird dragon slayer who lives in a house in a cave in the middle of the forest.
Now it is up to you to save the village bla bla bla... but you didn't know the consequantias by killing her.

Well, I don't know if there where any consequantias by killing her,
the whole game is up to kill this stupid dragon. OK, I- i didnšt meen
you where stupid, it's just that it is so- in -god -heavens un- necessary to write down this.
Just look at the controlls

Player 1:
Move right: Move the mouse to the right side of the charather and leftklick.
Move left: Move the mouse to the left side of the charather and leftklick
Move up: Move the mouse over the charather and leftklick
Move down: Move the mouse... I don't want to write this. We scip this movecontroll and the rest of the 24: s
Cast spell: Rightklick
Change spell: Arrow buttons (left/right)

Well, I think this was all of the controlls. Now we... why do I writ this.
There is a help- button in the game. Why must it be two.
OK, I write this because it is fun but it isn't fun anymore. Well, I aren't going to conti...


GRAPHIC Jonas with assistance from Niklas
PROGRAMING Niklas with assistance from Jonas
STORY: Niklas with assistance from Jonas
BEGINING: Jonas with assistance from Niklas

This description is written by Niklas from joNick art Entertainment 2003.

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Posted by Nick of All Trades 26th February, 2003

Sorry cause the screenshots doesn't work of some reason :(
Posted by Galaxy613 27th February, 2003

You have to save them to look at them
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 27th February, 2003

or drag the link into the address bar
Posted by Galaxy613 27th February, 2003

or copy the link and paste into the address bar





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