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Asia Travel -Lite-
Author: Nick of All Trades Submitted: 4th September, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 126

Edited By Shen on 9/6/2003

I know that Adventure is a popular genre, so I guess it is of that reason The Daily Click announsed a competition about it, and here is joNickArt Entertainments submission for the comp.

Asia, our dear neighbour continent. Some really old cultures are resting on this large peace of land. Maybe one of these old cultures, are hiding a treasure.
Asia Travel -Lite- is one of our games that we have pay some work in, even if the graphic isn't the best.
The story starts when the young man Roy Reder find a note, a scroll wich tells about a fabouless treasure in Turkey. He though about the fame and fortune he would earn by finding the treasure, so like any adventure game charather would have done, he travel to Turkey in a blow. Suddenly another man, wich probably knew the first one, rushes in and shout after Roy Reder. He found the note, and decided to also search for the treasure. But not because of the fame and fortune, but for rulership over the WORLD.
Unknown about his mission, Roy Reder must find the treasure before his friend Claus. Other else, the freedom of the world is doomed
You say you have been in Japan, Turkey and maybe sometimes in Mongolia, eh? But in AT- L, you can travel to five different nations of Asia, and visit places like abdoned locksmiths and the fantastic joNickLand Japan .
Be impressed and confused by a world of pussles, wich is created with a fast, classic, easy controlled Click- PaK engine with no moment.
So this is what we offer You. Click on this link ( and throw yourself into the world of Asia Travel.

Thank You for Your time, and please continue joNickArts website:


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Posted by Bricnic 6th September, 2003

Yay! first comment. Haven't played, but you wrote 2.91kb instead of mb.
Posted by Jonny 6th September, 2003

havent downloaded eitha but in the second frame it says "why does i..." it should be why do i...
Posted by Astral_86 6th September, 2003

WOW this look GOOD ! =D
Posted by Maroarts 6th September, 2003

it looks intense
Posted by Rik 6th September, 2003

If THAT is the -Lite- versionn of Asia Travel, I don't like to see the full :P
Posted by eX Com 6th September, 2003

Posted by eX Com 6th September, 2003

that was by far the most confusing, worst spelled, quickly finished game ive ever played.. but it was fun to play and kept me hooked so thumbs up
Posted by yuyu 7th September, 2003

thats a nice game keep up the good work but dont keep up the cruddy spelling
Posted by Panicos 7th September, 2003

I really like this game.Keep up the good work.I look Forward to play it.BUt the game was too short but anyway . . . it was fun : )
Posted by Weston L 8th September, 2003

The spelling is because he is Swedish.
Posted by Weston L 8th September, 2003

Good game, by the way.
Posted by Kamakazekrazyklown 14th September, 2003

Definitely an interesting game...
Posted by Nick of All Trades 7th January, 2004

No other charathers have arms, and the most of them are gradient





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