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Author: Marc Georgeson Submitted: 25th October, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 223

Edited By Marc Georgeson on 2/16/2003

A space anomaly enters our solar system, a rotating rip in the fabric of space. Scientists named it a Rotational Dimension or 'RotaDim' for short. Jupiter, Mars and Mercury are the first planets to disappear. Earth is the last to go, spinning into a new dimension.

The idea of the game is to move each planet to its relevant worm-hole to get them back to their original system. To make this more difficult the whole play area is walled in and once you start a planet moving it will only stop once it hits the walled area or another planet. Strategic moves must be thought of in advance to move the correct planet to the correct worm-hole within a set amount of moves.

NEW VERSION 1.3 AVAILABLE - A couple of bugs removed, new music and smaller download size.

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Posted by Heriberto Valle Martinez 25th October, 2002

this is quite original.
Posted by Derek T. Reaves. . . 25th October, 2002

Sounds cool im getting cable later so i may download :) :-D
Posted by bigdave 25th October, 2002

5.59mb, persuade me that its worth 30mins of downloading
Posted by Marc Georgeson 25th October, 2002

BigDave - If you like puzzle games, you'll love this! We think its worth the download as its not a game that's going to be over in 10 minutes.
Posted by SoftWarewolf 25th October, 2002

this is actualy realy tricky! finaly a game worthy my brain power the only thing i ever bought was mmf 1.5 this will not be another exeption
Posted by Jon Chambers 25th October, 2002

Beautiful game. Just amazing. A little originality, and it plays well. I've played sliding games before, but this is the first one I've known, where you can slide each object individually.
Posted by ben_02 27th October, 2002

Okay, first of all, this isn't very original, it's just rare among click games. The game itself isn't very interesting, and could have done with some extra elements of gameplay aside from the basic pushing and sliding around. It's good that there's lots of levels, but I wish the music weren't so repetitive. It should continue playing over into the next round, if you fail to complete a level the first time.
Posted by Marc Georgeson 14th November, 2002

Just a quick update to let you all know that the solutions to the demo levels of RotaDim are now available on the website at If you've got the full version and are struggling on a level then why not email us for some hints or the solution. Have Fun!
Posted by Marc Georgeson 8th January, 2003

New version of RotaDim has been uploaded - version 1.2 A couple of bugs have been removed and there's more sound and a couple more tunes. The download size has now also been reduced to 5.01MB





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