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Baby Boom (DEMO)
Author: Marc Georgeson Submitted: 23rd March, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 163

Edited By Chris Street / Circy on 3/24/2005

Baby Boom is a fast paced, wacky arcade game with crazy machines, 3 different game modes and excellent graphics. Take control of the Baby Boom production line and try and progress through the ranks of the strangest company you'll ever find. Test your speed and reflexes in Manic Mode where the babies just keep on coming or practice your skills in the Free Play mode. Control up to 7 different machines at one time and remember that babies don't bounce, they splat!

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Posted by Noyb 24th March, 2005

Could you please stop conveniently forgetting to label these games, fun as they might be, as demos for commercial products?
Posted by B÷­var PÚtur ŮorgrÝmsson 25th March, 2005

How many games have you sold? Click games usually dont generate much revenue.
Posted by Marc Georgeson 25th March, 2005

Where do you get your figures from? Who says "click" games don't generate revenue?
Posted by X_Sheep 25th March, 2005

I could program a game like this in 5 minutes, yet it would never get close to this one :P But can you make the screen scroll faster? The slow scrolling it does now is kinda annoying :P
Posted by Marc Georgeson 25th March, 2005

We're currently looking into tweaking the scroll even more. Can you let us know what your machine spec is please?
Posted by X_Sheep 25th March, 2005

Pentium 4, running Windows XP on a resolution of 1280*1024.
Posted by matt-e-h 26th March, 2005

interesting little game, but please fix the scroll, tbh that seems to be what actually makes the game hard.
Posted by Joshua M. 26th March, 2005

The scrolling is the worst... Fun game though
Posted by Andrew Barontini 26th March, 2005

i dont like babies i think they are ugly little bald freaks... i regret having been a baby before
Posted by Marc Georgeson 26th March, 2005

New version just uploaded (same link as above) with the scroll speed about 20% faster. All comments welcome.
Posted by X_Sheep 27th March, 2005

The scrolling is much better now :)





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