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Solid Spheres
Author: Marc Georgeson Submitted: 28th July, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 280

Edited By Marc Georgeson on 6/19/2008

Solid Spheres is an original arcade /puzzle game with a twist. How many puzzle games can you name that let you have an explosive time?

Solid Spheres is played on a board that is full of colored spheres. Your objective is to destroy the spheres until there is either 1 or none left. Use the Special Tiles to make a combination of spheres explode, but be careful that you don't leave yourself stuck. With 65 levels that span over 5 different difficulty settings, Solid Spheres is a totally new experience for puzzle / arcade game fans!

If 65 levels aren't enough to keep you busy we've also included a Level Editor which lets you design, play and share your own levels. You can also download Free Extra levels that other people have created, from this website.

Go on, treat yourself to a fun, explosive, non-violent time and give your brain a workout too!

Solid Spheres won the Shareware Industry Award 2003 in the "Best Action/Arcade Game" category. This is the free 10-level demo.
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Posted by Rott bott 29th July, 2003

First comment! I like puzzles. Hope it's a mindbender...
Posted by ncsoftware 29th July, 2003

Cool, but how the in the world did a puzzle game get the best action/arcade game award? Very stange.....But $19.95 for the full version, I'm not to sure about that, there's lot's of other cool(er) stuff to get for that amount nowadays.
Posted by Marc Georgeson 29th July, 2003

It was strange that we got best action/arcade game. I think it's down to the inclusion of explosions and dance tracks. Most puzzle games don't have explosions and they usually have slow, background music. Solid Spheres can be purchased for the discount price of $14.95 - see the following ClickTeam Forum thread -
Posted by steve 30th July, 2003

Shareware Puzzle game tends to sell one of the most versus other shareware genre (action, arcade, sim, ...)
Posted by Marc Georgeson 31st July, 2003

Most puzzle games are an adaption of a simple idea. We wanted to get a simple, playable idea and then chage it. Save the Meeklits is just an adaption of another bubble popping formula.
Posted by walter06 31st July, 2003

At this price I don't think you will sell 1 game.
Posted by Marc Georgeson 31st July, 2003

Solid Spheres used to sell very well at $14.95. Since we have increased the price to $19.95 sales have continued to increase month after month!
Posted by AfterStar 31st July, 2003

May i ask how much copies have you sell until now?(please be honest) I don't think someone will buy a "OK" klik game for $15-20!Is just too much! Maybe selling for a small price of $7 would be reasonable! Anyway its a fine game!
Posted by Marc Georgeson 31st July, 2003

Most people who sell their games for a living don't give sales figures away - we don't either.
Posted by walter06 1st August, 2003

I like your game but I can't believe there're so much people who buy "little" games at these prices. And that's normal because we can find tons of free games or second hand commercial games for $5-$10... For instance, I remember bought American Alice, a great 3D game for $6 only!
Posted by Chrisbo 1st August, 2003

Marc, how do you market the game? I'd be interested in learning your techniques.
Posted by Marc Georgeson 1st August, 2003

Marketing is one of the hardest things to do but it is one of the most essential parts. There are a lot of articles about it, many of which can be found at I could not describe everything we do for marketing just in this comments box as it would run on for many, many pages. Here's some tips to get you on your way: 1). Submit your game to as many download sites as possible. Don't think that just because you've got a website that everybody will see it - they won't. 2). Make sure you keep a note of all the sites you have submitted to. At regular intervals go back and check that your game has been listed. If it hasn't re-submit it. This should be an ongoing thing. 3). Don't think that your game is finished when you first release it. Continually update it and listen to what customers have to say. When you release an update go back through your list of download sites and re-submit the new version. 4). Use PAD files for submitting your games to download sites. They can make your life a hell of a lot easier. More info at 5). Send Press Releases when you first release your games to magazine or web site editors who cover games/entertainment. A good resource regarding Press Releases can be found at 6). Increase you page ranking on search engines by linking to other similar sites and then get them to link back to you. The six tips above should help you get started but I would suggest reading as many articles on the subject as you can and then put them into practice.
Posted by ncsoftware 1st August, 2003

Don't even forget the all of the "replay" and close-out sales, which go for $9.99 (9.99) or even less. I remember buying Empire Earth! last year for 6.99 ($6.99 or less), so if one can buy top games for these prices only a year after they've been released, they aren't going to spent $19.95 (or S14.95 discount) for a shareware game....





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