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Zombies Now demo
Author: AsparagusTrevor Submitted: 5th December, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 1098

Edited By AsparagusTrevor 1983 on 11/17/2004

Zombies Now is an action horror game, made on Multimedia Fusion 1.5, where the blood flows freely and body parts are all too often separated from their owners.

This is a severely updated version the demo I posted several months ago. Some of you hated it, so I have tried to improve upon it best I can. First of all the graphics have changed completely. Now they are darker and look more realistic. Second, I have added rain effects. Also I have altered the controls, now they feel a bit better. And the screen actually scrolls now.

You must take control of Ralph Kippel, a regular guy who must fight to survive a new deadly epidemic in which the dead walk again and crave human flesh. With his sawn-off shotgun, Ralph must blast through anything standing in his was in an attempt to escape the zombie menace and find help.

In the first area, Ralph must escape from the moorlands where he lives. He finds a car, and what's left of it's owner, but there's no keys on the half-corpse. If only Ralph could find the car keys, but what if they've been eaten along with the car's owner...

Blow away zombies with your sawn-off shotgun.
Throw molotov cocktails to roast the undead.
Use dynamite to blow away any zombies in your way.

This demo features one location from the full, as yet unfinished, game, and also an extra 'work in progress' flamethrower. Note: there is no save feature in the demo version.

Anyone having trouble running the game at a decent speed might want to turn the advanced effects and/or weather effects off in the options screen.

New Features:
* Greatly improved graphics
* Proper scrolling screen
* Improved movement
* Weather effects
* Darker atmosphere

Thanks for reading, now download the damn thing! (Sorry about the file size)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Windows XP users must for some reason run the game under Windows 98/ME compatibility mode or it will not work.

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 (26mb )

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Posted by TS Team 6th December, 2002

I remember this. I was looking for this forever. Another guy on the forums was looking for this too.
Posted by TS Team 6th December, 2002

I get a corupted error also, and I have Cable. Maybe Cable downloads too fast and skips data...bah! >:)
Posted by TS Team 6th December, 2002

NOTE: For those who have high speed internet and can't download, do this: 1.) Goto your START MENU > PROGRAMS > ACCESORIES > SYSTEM TOOLS > DISK CLEANUP 2.) Check mark only TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES or everything but DOWNLOADED PROGRAM FILES. Make sure DOWNLOADED PROGRAM FILES is not check marked. 3.) Wait until it finishes loading... 4.) Download it again, but this time click on SAVE. 5.) Type in a name, remember where you saved it, and open it, and it should work.
Posted by Aali [Crazy_Productions] 6th December, 2002

my download gets to 12,2megs and then it says it's finished and th zip is corrupt. i've tried everything
Posted by TS Team 6th December, 2002

Most best with the 8-direction movement. Is it suppose to close when you go way to the bottom like that?
Posted by Ecstazy 6th December, 2002

Downloading (at a pretty nice speed)...
Posted by chris rage 6th December, 2002

this doesnt look mmf to me. if it is i applaud you greatly
Posted by ShadowCaster 6th December, 2002

Woot, 26mb in 12 minutes :) That's why I pay for ADSL :D
Posted by Yuhkaz 6th December, 2002

... MMF can't do that sort stuff, and programming to 3D graphics is way too hard. I reckon it's DarkBasic, but if it truly is MMF then good work.
Posted by ShadowCaster 6th December, 2002

It's not like it's a 3D engine, he's just used 3D sprites. From the looks of things he used Poser to create the characters.
Posted by Yikes 7th December, 2002

F**K! I downloaded it and it worked PERFECTLY until i pressed the start new game button! I just saw a tiny "blink" of the level and then it quitted! WHY? I LOVE THIS GAME! WHY? WHY DO IT HAVE TO DO THIS TO ME? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?!?!?! AAAARGH! Must have pills and aspirins! AAAAh! Much better! To bad it doesn't work!
Posted by Deathbringer 7th December, 2002

downloading now, estimated time-just over 2 hours and rising..XD oh well, gives me time to ponder a philosophical question-if a zombie attacks a man in the woods, and nobodys around to hear, does he think to use his mobile phone? XD
Posted by Eyrd Parker 7th December, 2002

Can't you just shake them off or something?
Posted by Nioreh 7th December, 2002

I can't get it to download right! Argh! I have ADSL and it just stops downloading at a random position in the file and claims that the download finished. This is my 10th attempt now, the farthest I've gotten this far is about 13 megs... Trying again...
Posted by Nioreh 7th December, 2002

Argh! I give up, can't you host the game somewhere else? This is impossible to dowload!
Posted by ShadowCaster 7th December, 2002

Yeah, the server has a tendency to disconnect you. Try downloading a file resumer like Getright (as long as you dont use DAP because it sucks) to download the file.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 7th December, 2002

*** QUESTIONS ANSWERED *** * Yes it's made on MMF 1.5, don't be surprised of the graphics quality, they took me 3 years to get right * Chris Long ( TS Team ) gave a way to make the download work if... 1.) Goto your START MENU > PROGRAMS > ACCESORIES > SYSTEM TOOLS > DISK CLEANUP 2.) Check mark only TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES or everything but DOWNLOADED PROGRAM FILES. Make sure DOWNLOADED PROGRAM FILES is not check marked. 3.) Wait until it finishes loading... 4.) Download it again, but this time click on SAVE. 5.) Type in a name, remember where you saved it, and open it, and it should work. * If the game crashes when you select New Game and you are running Windows XP, put the game under Windows 98 Compatibility mode * The reason i made it instant death is beacause in the films, if you are bitten by a zombie, you will eventually die and become one. I realise there's a lot of people who don't like this so I might add an ability to shake off the zombies depending on how much energy you have. * If it crashes randomly in the level, this is due to MMF's bizarre run-time. It works fine for me, but others have had problems. * Also, I have a 1ghz Athlon, 256 meg RAM and a 16mb GeForce 2 MX. The game runs absolutley fine for me. So anyone who has lower specs than that and are having problems should turn off the weather effects. Anyone with higher specs who are having problems, well then I don't know what the hell's wrong there.
Posted by vortex2 7th December, 2002

lol, i downloaded in 4 minutes :P
Posted by Nioreh 8th December, 2002

Still disconnects me randomly and tells me it's finished. Darnit! I don't wanna get getright or some other stupid app made for modem users. Besides, theyr'e all full of spyware and adware etc. I guess I'll have to live without this seemingly fantastic piece of work then...
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 8th December, 2002

sorry dude
Posted by Nioreh 8th December, 2002

Yey! I found a good download app without any spyware or anything and am now downloading the entire file! Constant rate of about 65Kb/sec now.. Can't wait to kill some zombies.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 8th December, 2002

cool cool cool
Posted by Ryan R 8th December, 2002

Constant rate of 161 kb/sec. Estimated download time: a bit less than 4 minutes. Let's hope it's not corrupt this time.
Posted by Nioreh 8th December, 2002

Hey, this is an awsome game! You should make the rain sound uninterruptable though, because sometimes it is stopped. The game also crashes all the time!!! I run around for a few minutes (or even less) then the game just ends. Strange. The gameplay was great though and the graphics also. I do think that the zombies should make some sort of sounds. Moanings or something, theyr'e awfully quiet at this point. Also, where the f*ck is the car key at?
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 8th December, 2002

the rain sound is uninteruptable, this is werid game, there are some things that it does on some computers that doesn't happen on others. Oh and the car keys are in a zombie at the bottom right of the play area.
Posted by Ryan R 8th December, 2002

Heheheh. I like the gibs engine ya made. Sickening... in a cool way. I discovered the infinite ammo cheat. And you need to fix the other weapons, but I'm sure you allready know that. (Pressing 1-6, excepting 2 and 4 switches weapons)(1 for shotgun, 3 for flamethrower, 5 for rocket launcher, 6 for machine gun or gatling gun)(try flamethrowing a zombie for fun!)
Posted by Ryan R 8th December, 2002

Oh by the way it's not that hard to believe it was made in MMF. The perspective doesn't change, so I believe it was MMF, I've done similar things, though I never completed any of those games and nobody here knows who I am, I never post.
Posted by Nioreh 8th December, 2002

Btw, the rain effect was cool, how did you do that?
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 8th December, 2002

The rain effect's just a big animated sprite. I made an individual raindrop engine, but it ran too slow and didn't look 3D enough, so I replaced it.
Posted by matrixkitty 8th December, 2002

umm......... CONTROLS?
Posted by Nioreh 8th December, 2002

One big animates sprite!!! Whoa... Btw, what is it that takes up 26 megs in zipped state? Are there some hidden FMV's or other annoying things hidden somewhere in the file?
Posted by Nioreh 8th December, 2002

*animated :P
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 8th December, 2002

there are 5 different types of zombie, each has 32 directions and at least 5 animations each, there is the dude who has about 20 animations and 8 directions, then there is all the backdrop objects, the special effects, the sounds, and everything else. Zipping the file did not do much at all, because it is compressed enough when building it into a stand-alone application.
Posted by OOOPPPs 8th December, 2002

Its waay too short for a 26meg demo... and there is a bug when u change ur weapons to the gattling, somehow the main guy dissappears and u see the gun floating around, and when u change back to flame thrower or shotgun, the gattling gun gets imprinted onto the background. issit just me??
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 8th December, 2002

that's right, but those weapons aren't anywhere near finished yet, so it's not really a bug, it's just those unfinished weapons weren't taken out of the demo. With this being the first level, those weapons wouldn't be available yet anyway.
Posted by SToP GAP 8th December, 2002

This is a promising game indeed. The graphics are very nicely done and the special effects and whathaveyou all make it very atmospheric. I especially like the rain effect, really cool. The game may need to be made a little smaller though! My advice for this would be to firstly use winrar (and make a self-exe as not everyone has it) as the compression is leagues ahead of zip. Secondly, try turning off the compress sounds option and let winrar do it for you (this will make the installed files larger, but the download potentially smaller). You might also want to take advantage of the fact that your game is quite dark and go through dropping the colour depth of some of the sprites / backdrops a bit (make sure you use error adjustment / dithering, although too much might increase the graphics' size) It does keep crashing a lot, mid game... I think it may be because you are using some fairly hefty sprites in there - I think I noticed some large pools of blood on the floor which seemed like sprites. That might be doing it. Also, put a 1 second pause in a blank frame at the start of the app before it moves to the the first proper frame - I have noticed that MMF1.5 seems to crash less often if you give it a little time at first load of an executable application. I hope some of this helps... Keep up the good work - I can't wait to see the finished product :D
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 9th December, 2002

Cheers for the advice dude.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 11th December, 2002

hmmm, maybe yeah. I do need something to distinguish him.
Posted by The Tim 18th December, 2002

i like it, not your best game (samuryan) but very good none the less
Posted by Arzie [Gse] 1st April, 2003

Quite good. Still, it's too hard. Never have enough ammo to kill all zombies....
Posted by joemamma 15th June, 2004

What the hell. 26mb are you mental?
Posted by Steve Swiftman 16th June, 2004

no, but you are. you fucking joke.
Posted by stars 13th July, 2004

link doesnt work
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 24th November, 2004

Yeah, it's down. Had to delete it off the server to free space for other stuff. But it far from reflects the game as it is now anyway, it's super-improved at the moment, and nearly bugless. I say 'nearly bugless' because although there are definately no random crashes anymore, there are few bugs I know about and I'm trying to fix which are graphical and don't affect gameplay at all. I've completely recoded the engine from scratch and it runs much better and it's just lovely.
Posted by Deathbringer 24th December, 2004

Cant wait, then XD
Posted by stevenb 1st May, 2005

too late,damn,i really wanted to have a go of this one
Posted by Moonyjacob 18th July, 2005

can't i dwonload this game?
Posted by Moonyjacob 18th July, 2005

can't i dwonload this game?
Posted by axel 25th January, 2006

Try downloading it instead, eh.
Posted by LPStreetSoldierM 19th August, 2006

It says file not found!!







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