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Samuryan - Level One
Author: AsparagusTrevor Submitted: 26th March, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 262

Edited By AsparagusTrevor 1983 on 11/17/2004

This is the full first level from my game Samuryan. Level Two, The Mountains, is under construction as we speak. There are improvments and changes since the last small demo.

The description...

You play as a dude named Samuryan, a man skilled in martial arts and swordplay. Samuryan has an invincible nemesis named Dr Vandamme, a mutated scientist who found the secret of immortality, which came with a price... Vandamme was turned into an evil, insane creature. Samuryan has set out to stop the Doctor and his army of ninjas from causing havok.

This is the full Forest level from the game. The only enemies at the moment are Black Ninjas, but on the full game there will be more the skillful White Ninjas, resilliant Robot Ninjas, invisible Ninjas, all featured in the comic books, and I plan to have other enemies too, when I think of some. At the end of this stage, you have to fight Dr Vandamme in one of his flying machines that has a mounted machinegun. As Vandamme is invincible he will return at the end of most levels with bigger and badder machines.

Left & Right - Walk
Down - Crouch / Pick up
Up - Block
Shift - Jump
Ctrl - Attack
Return/Enter - Kick
/ - Throw star

* Full level one from game
* Lots of Ninjas and Level Boss
* Comedy death animations and sounds
* Throwing stars
* Full title screen and menu
* Nice music

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Posted by Jason Orme 26th March, 2003

Well I loved the first Demo, Hell, I even reviewed the first Demo, I just hope this is better :) *downloads*
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 26th March, 2003

Well the last one was more like a BETA, this is a proper demo release now.
Posted by Jason Orme 26th March, 2003

The game is still hard as hell. I can get to level 1 part 3 and then die, for some bizzaar reason i lose nearly all my health at the very start of that level, when only getting hit by a enemy like once. Nice water effects BTW
Posted by ruffles 26th March, 2003

well, recording an article i've made, about installers & zips, why did you made an installer, and DID NOT include the DLL then!?!? wasn't it easier to make a ZIP, now that the player won't need to extract DLLS?? i haven't downloaded it yet, and i will, despite the installer. the games looks good, that's why :)
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 26th March, 2003

i forgot until a friend of mine who doesn't klik couldn't get it to work. i figured most clickers would have it anyway.
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 26th March, 2003

Good game, just needs some tweaking with the controls, variety to gameplay and a few other features and this could be an excellent game.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 26th March, 2003

Ok, I added Bass.dll to the installer, so everything's sorted now.
Posted by Maddie 26th March, 2003

open source!!
Posted by DeadmanDines 27th March, 2003

(Gives silent look of respect to what's going to be a blooming good game) ...I have nothing to declare...
Posted by roberto 27th March, 2003

that game is amazing, i played all the day!
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 27th March, 2003

Good, I made it to be like a gory slaughter fest and that's what it plays like. The later levels I'm in progress making have more enemies and stuff, the second level has these robot drones that chop your legs off.
Posted by roberto 27th March, 2003

wow i want it, i want it
Posted by pr0 27th March, 2003

i dunno was up with your music. It won't work. I get these error messages.
Posted by blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) 28th March, 2003

ahhhh i loved the first one but is this much different
Posted by DeadmanDines 28th March, 2003

Please stop releasing such good games, you're making me look bad:)
Posted by Christian 28th March, 2003

It looks maximum good but i dont have time to download =(
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 28th March, 2003

use a download resumer to download it over time.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 28th March, 2003

Thanks for the review Flip, but I dunno why the music aint working, unless you got the old installer which didn't have bass.dll with it.
Posted by pr0 28th March, 2003

It has something to do with ModFX...
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 28th March, 2003

ModFX is crap, I only used it because it can play Mod files over frames, which DMC2 can't for some reason.
Posted by Knockturnal 6th November, 2008

Broken link.


I wanna play!






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