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Monsters on Saturday (Level One)
Author: AsparagusTrevor Submitted: 3rd September, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 203

Edited By AsparagusTrevor on 3/23/2005


Right, I think this is the finalised version of Level One and I'm ready to start making Level Two now. This is highly improved, a bunch of bugs have been fixed and a few new features have been added and the presentation polished.

Bug Fixes
# Player Shadow directions bug - shadow now synched with player's animation
# Monsters no longer show through walls
# Player can't shoot through walls anymore

New Features
# Strafe Button allows you to lock on current direction (CTRL)
# Monsters have fierce jumping attack
# Flamethrower collectable on first level
# Game Over message/menu on player death
# Some new sound effects
# Music On/Off option
# Sprites to show remaining barrels
# A skeleton dude
# Some extra polish


The game stars Barry Kippel, and this week has been bad for him. He's fought monsters on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and he thought he'd seen the last of them until he finds out a nest has been found in a cave in Wigan, and it's up to Barry to take it out.

Barry must infiltrate the monster's lair and plant drums of explosives everywhere where there is a nest entrance hole, then set bombs on the drums, get the hell out of there and blow the base up.

SHIFT - Shoot
CTRL - Hold to Strafe
CTRL - (Near drum) Hold to arm bomb
NUMBERS - Weapon select

- Rifle: slow firing and weak (200 bullets)
1 - Machinegun: rapid fire and weak (200 bullets)
2 - Shotgun: slow firing but strong (25 shells)
3 - Flamethrower: collectable only, short range stream of fire (200 fuel)

The flamethrower is hidden somewhere in the cave.

There are 8 other weapons available if you use the cheat mode, which is activated by pressing the asterisk key (*). At least try to finish the level without cheating though, okay?

Cheat Weapons
4 - Shocker: Emits a short range beam of electricity
5 - Napalm Cannon: Ball of fire that ignites on impact
6 - Bazooka: Fires a rocket which explodes on impact
7 - Grenade Launcher: A short range bomb which explodes after 3 seconds
8 - Shrapnel Gun: Shoots chips of lead which ricochet off surfaces
9 - Frag Cannon: A ball of lead which fragments on impact
0 - Laser: Obliterates monsters in one shot
- - PlasmaBomb: Explodes into electricity on impact

# 12 weapons (35 in the full game)
# Some nice special effects
# Comedy gory death animations
# 3D rendered graphics

As ever, this is a bloody game, so it's not recommended for wussie little girly fairies, and I think I may have also squeezed some bad language in there too.

The music ingame is kinda placeholding for the real music which was made by one of my (musically talented) mates. Some of the graphics are also going to be replaced / improved in the full game, and the large download size is not destined to be a lot bigger as new levels are added because all the important stuff is kept global.
Also, you'll need an above average PC to run this game, especially with all the effects going off, but you can turn them off.

Download it now. Also, I'm not sorry about the big file size, get broadband you cheapass.

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 (22.9mb )

Posted by Knudde (Shab) 4th September, 2004

It's pretty nice, although that walking animation seems a bit stiff to me.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 4th September, 2004

Yeah, I'm shit at walking animations. It looked even worse a few weeks ago when the 3D model didn't even have knee joints.
Posted by janne valtonen 4th September, 2004

COOL!!! downloading :)
Posted by Death Reaper X 4th September, 2004

Reeeeeally nice :) Only pain is as you don't walk faster then the only way I can really kill them without getting hit is by running away and then turning round and shooting, but with the better weapons I guess it's not so bad :) Great gfx, great effects, lotsa fun!
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 4th September, 2004

Yeah, it's all about the running and turning and shooting. When you play without cheating, I find it's best to take out the big wave at the beginning with your shotgun and plant the furthest tanks while you still have ammo, then you can use the machine gun or rifle on the way to the closest two holes and it's all gravy.
Posted by Noyb 4th September, 2004

Nice effects. Strafing (ala Destruction Carnival) would make it much easier.
Posted by Muggus 4th September, 2004

Posted by UNstopable Flying Asshole 5th September, 2004

well i have broadband but its still going 2% a second
Posted by Hayo 5th September, 2004

this is good :) thumbs up!
Posted by Kingson 5th September, 2004

I cant activate the cheat mode and plant bombs! Are you using a rare keyboard layout? Btw you can strafe when you give player 2 some keys.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 5th September, 2004

Phizzy, yeah it's a 21mb BETA, but I don't see why I should sacrifice anything in my game for the purpose of making it take less time to download. If you can't be bothered to wait 5 minutes to download it, then don't, I don't care, I'm all about the people who'll appreciate it playing it. I implemented strafing on the game now (but not in the download) and it makes the game really really easy, you'd have to be really crap if a monster manages to attack. I'm gonna try ways to balance it out cos I wanna keep the strafing. Kingston, the controls are in the Readme and at the top of this page, it's just your default MMF controls, Shift to shoot and hold Ctrl to arm bomb on drum when you're near it and it's planted next to a hole. Anyone who wants to help me with BETA testing (and doesn't mind the filesize) can get in touch. Anyway, thanks a lot for the positive comments guys.
Posted by Smeggy 5th September, 2004

I'm a massive fan of your work Trev. Especially of Zombies Now... If only you'd release it sometime soon!
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 5th September, 2004

Thanks Jon. I need to take breaks from Zombies Now, it's gotten too complex and intense, working on it hurts my head, that's why I take the odd excursion and make these other games and go to the pub a bunch, obviously. That's why Zombies Now is taking so long.
Posted by ChrisB 6th September, 2004

21mb? It's 12mb you wuss. Go get a download manager.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 6th September, 2004

22.8 Megs is what I'm getting.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 6th September, 2004

Yeah, Shab, that's about right. Maybe you tried it while I was uploading it, Chris.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 16th September, 2004

Hey dude, it's not really meant to be serious, I think the over the top violence is funny. Level 2's shaping up to be pretty hilarious, protecting civillians from getting slaughtered in gory ways by monsters. Also, Monsters On Friday introduced the plot element of the monsters being afraid of cattle, something I'm hoping to bring back in Monsters On Saturday.
Posted by Assault Andy 20th September, 2004

Really fun game. Monster AI is very good, and graphics are great aswell.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 20th September, 2004

Thanks dude. It's coming along well too, I'm onto the third level already.
Posted by Andrzejek 9th December, 2004

veri bat game
Posted by Andrzejek 9th December, 2004

ups no , this is good game bat i donet knaw haw tu plej :(





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