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The Lemon Scented Adventures of Sod demo
Author: AsparagusTrevor Submitted: 7th October, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 129

Edited By AsparagusTrevor on 10/2/2004

An Adventure Beyond all Sense

What started off with the intention of making a serious shoot em up game degenerated into a bizarre, surreal shoot em up, mostly due to alcohol. Sod is a guy who has a dislike toward society. He finally cracks, and decides to go on a killing spree, killing the people known as Bastardos. Oh, and by the way, Sod has magic powers, he can explode people's heads by waving his hand at them, and he can breathe fire. He also has an pet mouse named David who can be used to scout the area, reach places Sod can't, and also detonate on command. Did I mention it was bizarre?

The aim of the game is to kill all the people on the level in whatever way possible, then find the dead chicken to complete the level. When you get to 10 bastardos remaining, it gets rather difficult to find people, so an arrow appears above Sod's head pointing towards a random person.

The second level you find yourself underground, and you have to dig your way through the dirt to find the bastardos, a task made much easier with the spiffy pnumatic drill, which can also be used to chisel flesh. The second level is unfinished, it is playable and finishable, but there are a few issues that need sorting out, I chucked it in the demo as a bonus, and cos the digging is cool.

There are seven main weapons in this demo, and also greandes and two magic powers. You can collect ammo for the pistols only and you can replenish your magic by collecting magic carrots.

I plan to have a few different gamplay types depending on the level. One level I have started is Sod riding around on a moped.

Up - Walk forwards
Down - Walk backwards
Left - Turn left
Right - Turn right
Shift - Shoot / neck-snap (close)
Ctrl - Grenade
Return - Magic
M - Release David the Mouse
1 - Pistol
2 - Double Pistols
3 - Machinegun
4 - Shotgun
5 - Flamethrower
6 - Bazooka
7 - Pnumatic Drill (level 2 only)
Q - Head exploding
W - Fire breathing
David the Mouse controls:
Shift - Detonate
Ctrl - Hold on object to drag

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Posted by Smeggy 8th October, 2003

Posted by Tom 8th October, 2003

LOL, hilarious title {laugh}
Posted by Tom 8th October, 2003

Great game. The music is so funny as well. Those dogs piss me off, but the game is still real fun to play.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 8th October, 2003

Thanks. I have to admit, the dogs were pretty much the last thing I put in, just because the game was too easy with nothing to hurt you, and I scrapped some SWAT men early on when I couldn't be arsed with the AI.
Posted by Astral_86 8th October, 2003

wow this looks cool ! :D downloading...
Posted by ChrisB 8th October, 2003

LOL nice title, but is it the kind of lemon freshness you find in your dishwasher, or in the cleaning towels at KFC?
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 8th October, 2003

No, it's the kind of lemon freshness you get from bullets and giblets.
Posted by Radix 8th October, 2003

But only the lemon-scented variety, of course.
Posted by Radix 8th October, 2003

Those dogs leave human parts.
Posted by Muggus 9th October, 2003

Blood...gibs...'splosion...shadows?cool...How can lemons fit in there Trev? I'm sure they'd help unstink the place up! Looks awesome got me goin!
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 9th October, 2003

Radix, the dogs leave generic gibs. They're pink and flesh coloured. I doubt dogs would have hair left after being blown up. Muggus, it's only the adventures that are lemon sceneted, the rest smells like meat and smoke and burning things. Unless it's burning lemons.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 9th October, 2003

Fair enough, Paul. I wish some more people'd vote and download it though, it only spend like a couple of hours on the New Games list, then it was gone, which sucks.
Posted by Keatonian 9th October, 2003

What is with the head popping? Its pretty fun though. Good job! Is there a plot?(besides the dead chicken)
Posted by Radix 9th October, 2003

AT: okay, but should they leave blond human scalps?
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 10th October, 2003

You sure they do? Cos they don't in the event editor. You sure a human didn't blow up nearby?
Posted by Radix 11th October, 2003

No, I used the magic on a dog and it left a human scalp. There were no humans nearby, and it happened twice (that I noticed).
Posted by Pete Nattress 11th October, 2003

pretty cool, trev. the graphics are nice, but i find myself mainly agreeing with paul. if you want the game to be better you'll really need some gameplay, because people will quickly tire of just going round killing everyone (strange though it seems). the dogs are very annoying as well, i think you should consider putting some decent police/solider AI in there. still, i had fun for 10 minutes. gore effects are lovely... X)
Posted by Radix 11th October, 2003

Actually, this is very similar to a game called Tapan Kaikki. The only differences are the notable lack of magic carrots, smaller stages and more weapons. I've wasted long hours on TK, so I don't think this needs too much more. Maybe lots of shorter levels, that's all.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 11th October, 2003

The levels are going to vary greatly in gameplay. The level I have staretd on recently is Sod on a moped. I do plan to have SWAT and Army blokes get involved in later levels. Weapons will be more abundant, and so will magic powers. Paul said about how I should spend time on Zombies Now, but the truth is is can't spend all my time on one game, I have bursts where I work on one game, then get tired of it and work on another game. Oh yeah, I realised I forgot to tell you 1-6 selects weapons and Q and W are magics, although I think most people probably figured it out.
Posted by Lew 22nd October, 2003

Pretty cool-but for some reason, everyone spontaneously combusted in an orgasm of gib-flying bloody mess.
Posted by Simen 30th November, 2003

Hi, my name is Simen, and I enjoy exploding people's heads. Crowd: Hi Simen...
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 17th November, 2004

By the way, if anyone's reading this still, the demo now has the second level added to it. You get to use a pnumatic drill.
Posted by Simen 28th March, 2007

Ack! I found this and got all nostalgic, but the link doesn't work. :'<
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 20th April, 2007

Runs out in a few days, but here it is:





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