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Cell Engine TGF
Author: Mitch M Submitted: 22nd February, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 357

Edited By Aku Software on 4/18/2003

Edited By Shen on 2/22/2003

Hey There..

Akuaki Software Presents: Cell movement engine for TGF.
( open source ) It's not the best and not total unbugged,
the jump seems to be the hardest part, but it can still be usefull... Try it.. It's small so what's to lose?

Akuaki Copywright 2003

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Posted by Simon Colmer 22nd February, 2003

Well done, this is going to come in handy, thanks. If you want a block/cell movement, try this out its great and gud graphics! WELLDONE
Posted by Mitch M 22nd February, 2003

Thanks.. X) Nice too hear!! Damn Geocities can't ever host a Screenshot :@... Maybe like this:
Posted by Mitch M 22nd February, 2003

Save target as!!! Els it wont work.
Posted by Shen 22nd February, 2003

Screenie fixed. Well done :)
Posted by Assault Andy 22nd February, 2003

It's pretty good but it has bugs. You can diagonly jump through walls and fall through them.
Posted by Galaxy613 22nd February, 2003

GREAT :D Very cool!
Posted by Mitch M 23rd February, 2003

Yeah Andy.. Thats what bothers me... The jump... It has to do with the Value that sticks with 0... When jou are diagonly above a tile and press the key towards it, the value is 0 and it goes right through... :( Cant fix it myself...
Posted by Galaxy613 10th April, 2003

Shen is also a good Cell game maker..(just look at his Perfect Cell Movement!)





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