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Author: Mitch M Submitted: 28th July, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 240

By: Mitchell Monhemius..

This is a game simular to "Supar Dupar Bouncy Guy" and "Leap Frog". You basicly jump up and down on a platform (The hoovercraft croozer 3000) with your Jumping stick, collecting sode throughout the levels to complete them. This you do to impress a girl. You work your way through beach, jungle, streets, computerprograms (instruction zone) with no other intentions to stay alive, be loved and dodge the stars. The starts kill you and take 1 life! You get 3 lives each zone!

What's in the game?

- 3 Chapter's with 6 levels each
- 2 instruction levels with tips
- 3 Unlockable minigames
- Some colourfull graphics
- Nice, suiting music
- The love of a nice girl (If you win)

(c) Aku Software 2003

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Posted by Assault Andy 29th July, 2003

Really nice game and all, but a few things: 1. Unskippable intro - When you die you have to watch it everytime 2. Bad learning curve, you need some really easy levels that get harder and harder. It's probabley easier for you that created it though. 3. Are you meant to go onto the next level when you die? Really nice game though, you can see the effort you have put into it ~ Thumbs Up. -Andy
Posted by Mitch M 29th July, 2003

1. You can skip the intro by pressing esc.. 2. Sorry.. :) 3. No, damn :(
Posted by CYS 29th July, 2003

it's better than Supar Dupar Bouncy Guy. It's story is pretty vague though. It has a gravity effect unlike Supar Dupar Bouncy Guy, which is good. The effects are great as well. THUMBS UP!
Posted by The Chris Street 29th July, 2003

3. I mentioned this to you Aku, you said you'd fix XD Oh well. Still cool though.
Posted by Kris 29th July, 2003

downloading at an awful 2kb/sec
Posted by jeffrey 29th July, 2003

cool game...
Posted by eX Com 29th July, 2003

s...l...o...w... server
Posted by Kramy 29th July, 2003

2.2kb/sec! no!! I'm used to 168kb/sec!! Looks like fun though..hope it plays as well as Leap Frog.
Posted by ShadowCaster 30th July, 2003

I'm pretty sure it's "Lives" not "Lifes"... Was I the only person to notice that? ;)
Posted by 30th July, 2003

I don't think so
Posted by Mitch M 30th July, 2003

Yeah, you just didn't read my preview Shadow.. :)
Posted by Blackgaze 30th July, 2003

aku, i was really looking foward too this because of your snagit trailer. Its good but i got dissapointed because it is too hard for the first lot of levels
Posted by Kramy 30th July, 2003

The first levels are fine in my oppinion, but holy cow! That 2nd instruction level is a killer! I've tried it 60 times now! You should probably make more instruction levels, and make them easier.
Posted by RPG4Lif3 30th July, 2003

fo hose whocouln't dl it...right click ad press save target as
Posted by RPG4Lif3 30th July, 2003

for anyone who couldn't dl it...right click ad press save target as
Posted by The Chris Street 31st July, 2003

Would it really kill you to delete the mistakes you just made?
Posted by Kramy 31st July, 2003

For anyone having trouble, I just managed to get to the second chapter. The password is case sensitive: Tarzan Out-Bounced If you want the pwd for the minigame though, you'll have to do it yourself. :D
Posted by Mitch M 31st July, 2003

I don't understand... I can play the whole game, losing only 2 lives... Well, I made it. :) password 3rd chapter: Manhattan Bouncer I think :)





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