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Short Map Engine
Author: Mitch M Submitted: 5th March, 2003 Favourites:0
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Edited By Aku Software on 4/18/2003

Hello Yah' Guys... Today's my birthday.. X)
As a treat AkuAkiSoftware Is givving all of you
a ( Very easy ) map engine...

First I must remember geocities is hosting this:

Now I can give a note:
The idea I'm trying to give is thet your map must always be devided, ( <--- Is that how you type it? ) with a certain number, from the starting screen...

Example... You have got a 640x480 screen... Divide them both with 5 and you get 128x96... This is the size of your map.. Now for all the objects you must make a very small new avtive object.. like 3x3.. You can match the color with certain characters... X).. Oke.. Now you make an always event and say:... Always set X ("Green3x3") to X("Woodman")/ 5...( If that's the matching character )
Now you might understand that this all can be done in 1 Line X) Thats what I like about it!!

Now you guys all wish me a happy birthday and maybe send me a gift or something... X) Well... Bye

Aku Copywright 2003 !!

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Posted by Mitch M 5th March, 2003

Well.. Not realy my birthday... Just celebratn'... :D March the 10th is the day... X)
Posted by Joeri 6th March, 2003

Happy birthday!
Posted by Galaxy613 6th March, 2003

Nice, mini maps are cool! Happy birthday!
Posted by Mitch M 6th March, 2003

Thanks :P
Posted by HOSJ 6th March, 2003

My bro's is on the 11th. Happy birthday! :D
Posted by Ove Melaa 14th March, 2003

Stop calling it Copywright.... its called Copyright....
Posted by Ove Melaa 14th March, 2003

Stop calling it Copywright.... its called Copyright....





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