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Author: CsaR Submitted: 25th May, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 177

Edited By CsaR on 9/27/2004

Edited By CsaR on 9/27/2004

This is a fast project I made in 2 days. It's a concept my friend thought of and told me about. Your goal in the game is to get the sheep to the fenced areas without getting them killed . To your help you use the mouse which allows you to draw fences of your own. The graphics aren't 100% good but I hope they fill their roll.

The game has 18 level + 1 bonus level
Btw the game could almost also be categorized as a puzzler.

The game saves automaticly when you play just incase you were wondering how to save.


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Posted by Pyro 27th May, 2003

Original, and very fun.
Posted by - Yelnek - 27th May, 2003

Down;oading now! But man it looks fun!
Posted by Wormware 27th May, 2003

Funny game!! Very difficult (level 11) 7 to go and then the bonus :D Nice Work [cc]CsaR
Posted by Ilia Chentsov 27th May, 2003

Wonderful! Really original concept, and fun to play. (Blah, that's what everybody says. I'm NOT original, for sure)
Posted by Simon Colmer 29th May, 2003

downloading...... ;)
Posted by Jimmy Bob 1st June, 2003

Doesnt work....
Posted by CsaR 1st June, 2003

Doesn't work? the download link or the game?...seems to work for everybody else.
Posted by christopher 6th June, 2003

i ran it and it said there was a missing dll file, which sucked
Posted by Proteus 7th June, 2003

Okay, first let me say: "For God's Sake! Nobody cares if you're downloading it or not, we can read the freakin' number at the top of the screen. Post comments on the game AFTER you've got it. Whether or not you've started downloading it isn't of the least concern to us!" Sorry, but it had to be said, and writing an article about it would only have made me look petty ;). Secondly, this game rocks. It's a very clever and original concept (as Pyro said), and although I at first thought it would stink, I was pleasantly surprised for once. It's obviously made by someone *fairly* new to game making, but the graphics get the job done and the game is quite addictive. CsaR obviously has great potential, and everyone should look forward to his future titles. *Don't just stand there! Download it!* (I wanna see at least 100 before the end of the week!)
Posted by Proteus 7th June, 2003

Oh yeah, and for all you 1337 cheatXXors out there, Alt+Tab to another window and the next time you return to the game, all previously drawn fences will have dissappeared. (Very handy if you've accidently penned a sheep in.) However, this little unavoidable and easily exploited error with TGF won't get you past Level 12 (grumble grumble).
Posted by roger wilco 18th June, 2004

The link doesn't work ....
Posted by CsaR 7th February, 2005

should work now






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