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Longbow Fury
Author: CsaR Submitted: 5th April, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 225

Wow I finally finished one of my games again. This time it's a platformer called "Longbow Fury" and I have to say that it has its ups and downs, but so many other things has that aswell. Anyway I started on this project right after my other project "Joe Gunsmoke" decided to crash on me. The projects was supposed to be a small and quick projects but I actually put some time in making a few levels this time. The game is about a boy who grows up in a village. Then one day the Mountain of death decids to errupt once again after over 1000 years rest, now spawning more monsters than ever. This village has always managed to supply themselves with a hero worthy of the hard task to destroy the mountain once again. Now it's time for you to guide this boy to Mt. Death and become the village hero!
(Pretty lame story I know , but I had to have a story)

The games runs through four different worlds; The Town Area, Dark Forest, Mountain Side and The Caves. New elements are added to the game as you progress. Passwords are provided, and after seeing my friends trying this game I suggest you write them down as you may die alot. I have tried to make the game a bit easier since then, I removed some enemies and lowered some platforms e.t.c...

Anyway I hope you enjoy this game even though it gets most frustrating sometimes

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Posted by ruffles 5th April, 2003

It's pretty cool, except that the platform movement is the default one, all buggy, and I died getting the first arrows, by simply trying to jump on the block. Then the dude fell through the floor. The graphics aren't great, but they have their own style
Posted by Zap{Zapdude Productions} 5th April, 2003

ok i'll download then review(maybe review)
Posted by Lew 5th April, 2003

I dunno what Zap means by crappy graphics, I think they look cool (the title screen looks a bit dodgy though) Other than the default movement being annoying, its a pretty fun game
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 5th April, 2003

Okay graphics, (Although the title screen looks like a 5 minute amateur photoshop sketch) but the gameplay is very buggy, merely touching water while you're safely on a platform instantly kills you, and the monsters pose no threat to the player, the only challenge in this game is trying not to fall through the ground and die. Needs a major engine overhaul to fix this game.
Posted by DragonDraikk 5th April, 2003

Look good... Downloading
Posted by CsaR 6th April, 2003

Hi everyone, I know I'm not that good of a coder so I really appreciate you guys telling what's bad about the game so I hopefully won't make the misstakes again. Oh an btw thanks for the reviews
Posted by Daniel[Crazy_Productions] 6th April, 2003

Csar that movement is pretty bad but if ya want i could make custom one for you;)
Posted by Dark One Entertainment 8th April, 2003

Ok I review this wonderful game!
Posted by CsaR 11th April, 2003

I uploaded a little newer version now. The game couldn't be completed b4 (unless you found the secret).





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