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Super Snowboarding
Author: CsaR Submitted: 4th February, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Sport Downloads: 256

Edited By CsaR on 2/4/2004

Here's my entry to the TDC Christmas competition 2003 and it's called "Super Snowboarding" if you just happened to miss it in the title _. This is a bit updated version(v 1.1) if you compare to the one I entered in the compo.
Well basicly it's a top-viewed snowboard game which runs pretty well I think. There are 4 different tricks to be made + the ability to rail, including Stalegrab, tailgrab, ordinary grab and spinning while grabing and spinning without grabbing. I think I covered them all there . You ride down slopes and perform tricks to gain points. Levels are unlocked by gaining enough points to unlock each level(each level has a certain score required).
It may be a bit hard in the start but I think when you get used to the controls that you may find it a bit easier (atleast thoose who tried the game thought it was pretty difficult).

Game Includes:
*5 levels + a bonus level
*A christmas bonus
*4 different tricks and the ability to rail
*Save your progress and scores to 2 different saving slots

I ended up on fourth place with this game btw.

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Posted by Simen 6th February, 2004

Not bad.
Posted by Steve Harris 6th February, 2004

I was quite disappointed when I played this as CsaR has obviously put a lot of effort into it especially the gfx (very nice!) but the engine lets it down for me :( its so damn easy to get stuck or go off the screen... with a better engine this would really be a very very good game
Posted by CYS 6th February, 2004

yeah i agree with neo.
Posted by Simen 6th February, 2004

Yeah, the gfx is nice.
Posted by Astral_86 6th February, 2004

I didn't really like this... You often get stuck. It's not my kinda game either. Sorry man :( But I'll grant ya' a thumb up for the gfx anyway. :) I guess you've worked alot with this game and you deserve a thumb up for that too. 8)
Posted by Cazra 6th February, 2004

gfx are nice but the interface is very confusing.
Posted by Chace 7th February, 2004

Link broken.
Posted by CsaR 7th February, 2004

Hmm well thnx for the comments. I did spend a bit extra time on the gfx and I'm a better artist than a coder so I guess my games turns out like this most of the times :(. Chace: the link works for me, maybe my isp did something at the time you tried to download it but it should work.
Posted by Maddie 7th February, 2004

This was one of those top games in the competition. So harsh. Its okay and everything but gets boring fast. Hard to control also.
Posted by Kramy 8th February, 2004

Nice gfx. Buggy engine. I have the opposite problem of you. :P
Posted by izac 26th January, 2005

I don't LIKE THIS GAME he don't jump when he gos up ramps!
Posted by Ganymede Graphics 29th May, 2006

why did you highlight, or upper-case like this game, does that mean you are trying to say you like it in secret?





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