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Author: kevin karstens Submitted: 17th June, 2003 Favourites:0
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Edited By kevin karstens on 12/19/2005

Based on the CARTOON NETWORK 'Adult Swim' show 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force' and crossed with (sortta) the arcade classic are Frylock...destroy the Mooninites, rescue Shake and Meatwad...reviewed by the creators of the actual TV show as 'Fun to play...almost impossible to beat!'
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Posted by LegendaryMMSX 18th June, 2003

its funny......right when I heard the theme to aqua teen hunger force. I saw this
Posted by kevin karstens 29th June, 2003

You like?...;)
Posted by kevin karstens 30th June, 2003 you mean you were WATCHING the show on TV, and then you saw my game here? Well, did ya download/like/hate it?...;)
Posted by kevin karstens 8th November, 2005

The creator of the actual 'Aqua Teen' show played/reviewed my game! Heres what he had to say...

"WOW-Those games are AWESOME!...Thanks for all your work...both Matt and I are appreciative. I think it's great that you did the games- I actually played 'Mooninitron' on our production manager's PC and found it damn near impossible to beat...!"

He apparently like all the ATHF games Ive done...kindda cool, eh?...






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