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Author: kevin karstens Submitted: 17th June, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 140

Mouse control, rear view of Starr, sexy GalaxiBabe (an adult cartoon series of mine) as she blasts her way thru inner space, destroying all in her path...

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Posted by Muggus 18th June, 2003

Ooo she is hot! I'd hit it!
Posted by Mitch M 18th June, 2003

I like her :)
Posted by Wickidvip 18th June, 2003

she's got a sexy body!!!
Posted by Exero 18th June, 2003

How to make people download your crappy games: Use sex appeal. It works.
Posted by - Yelnek - 18th June, 2003

Looks pics.;)
Posted by lierolord 19th June, 2003

Posted by lunar 20th June, 2003

Yep she's fine.. shame about the game though. I'd rather just have real sex, which obviously isn't something which is available to you guys
Posted by kevin karstens 25th June, 2003

Hmmm...looks like overall, ya aint too impressed with the game...;) Oh well, beggars cant be choosers, and Im not all that great at game creation, Im an artist (I did all the graphics myself)..altho some folks like my game designs enough to hire me (ie, Elvira, several book authors, etc)...but I concur that it isnt the best game play on earth...;) I did the best I could to 'simulate' a 3D enviornment, and make it fun...I hope SOME of you like it, I personally think its kindda fun to blast the crap outta everything onscreen...;) Kevin
Posted by kevin karstens 30th June, 2003

lunar...which 'guys' are you speaking of, when you mention 'real sex isnt available to you guys'? Just curious...Im married, to a sweet little redheaded pixie, and Im just FINE in that department, so I KNOW it wasnt ME...;) Kevin
Posted by NUKER 12th October, 2003






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