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Starbug Starblast
Author: kevin karstens Submitted: 14th May, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 101

Based on the classic BBC comedy, you pilot STARBUG in an attempt to blast as many oncoming asteroids as possible. If you succeed, a rare stash of curry awaits Lister on the other side! Includes dialouge from the show, animated Holly sequences...JOYSTICK recommended to play, but not required.
(And before everyone starts givin' me crap about doing a game based on existing characters, etc...I was approached by a fansite to make this one...and besiders, I adore doing games that include established characters, they are fun and have a built in audience...

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Posted by Joshua M. 15th May, 2005

I didn't really like it. The starfield wasn't really great, and well I really didn't enjoy playing it.
Posted by Hill Gigas 20th May, 2005

LOL, I used to love that show! :D
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 22nd May, 2005

I still do
Posted by kevin karstens 8th November, 2005

Man, you guys are waaaay harsh!...
Its just a fangame, and I certainly never claimed to be great at programming, Im still learning.
I am, after all, an artist and cartoonist creation is still pretty new to me, and I have an old Games Factory with no instructions.
...Instead of dumb, useless comments like '
The asteroids move the wrong way when you change direction. They shouldn't follow you, they should do the opposite of your movement plus their original movement.', how about telling me HOW to achieve this??

And stupid comments like ' I didn't really like it. The starfield wasn't really great, and well I really didn't enjoy playing it.'...gosh, thats helpful.
Just as retarded as stating 'it sucks!'

I would be grateful for INPUT not PUT DOWNS...a third grader can do THAT, after about some suggestions on improvement?
I would really appreciate any positive notations you all would care to make...
Oh, and 'Munchkinvaders' can be downloaded on my site (






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