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'Home Movies' Soccer Practice
Author: kevin karstens Submitted: 29th June, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 67

Edited By kevin karstens on 6/29/2003

Another ADULT SWIM toon series based tribute.
This one features characters from 'Home Movies' are Brendon, (mouse control) and you are practicing goal shots with the grumpy Coach McGuirk, who tries to block them and make your life miserable...err, a challenge.

The game is a CNC Air Hockey based engine, (which was originally a two player game) that I redid to be a one player (against the computer) game.
Pretty simplistic, luck of the draw to win, really...


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Posted by FusionDogg 29th June, 2003

hmm.......ur screenie doesn't work!!
Posted by Arvid Ögren 29th June, 2003

Posted by kevin karstens 29th June, 2003 are simply incorrect, that is all...;) Adult Swim RULES if you are an animation nut, like myself...besides, no one said you HAVE to download the 'AS' games, Im sure they have their fans...considering the fact that the Cartoon Network has now moved the toons to EVERY night, rather than just Sundays (Hooray!...;)
Posted by kevin karstens 29th June, 2003

Sorry about the screenshot...Geocities tends to suck on this point...I will attempt to upload/relink it... Kevin
Posted by kevin karstens 29th June, 2003

...It worked!...;) Now, someone review my game...;)
Posted by Pyro 29th June, 2003

Adult swim doesn't suck, but this game could use some work. It's okay, but there's really not much to it.
Posted by Horror 29th June, 2003

Go to to play the real home movies soccer game.
Posted by nev` 29th June, 2003

Why didn't you just create your own characters for this game?
Posted by kevin karstens 30th June, 2003

Jesse...I was approached by an Adult Swim fan site( make the game, as per their description...and just for the record, the official game that Horror mentioned IS better than mine (of course)...but I created MINE a full three months before THAT one turned up online...;) As to Pyro, I realize it could use some work, but could you please be a bit more descriptive in your advice/criticism? What SORT of additions would you like to see? As I have mentioned before on this site, I KNOW my games aint grand, creating them is a side thing, Im an online graphics artist full time...I do games for fun, so I dont really have a lot of experience (my copy of CNC, a gift, came sans instructions, so Im STILL figuring it out...;) Any real advice anyone here wants to impart upon me will be seriously apprciated...thanks in advance...;) Kevin





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