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Aqua Teen McPeePants Candy Drop
Author: kevin karstens Submitted: 25th June, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 68

Edited By kevin karstens on 6/29/2003

Another game based on the CARTOON NETWORK's 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force', the McPeePants ep in particular.
Remember Activision (Atari2600) 'Kaboom'?
You get the idea, then...mouse control Meatwad and his candy buckets, catch all that candy that McPee Pants drops...miss the candy three times, game over..
Includes dialouge from the TV show.
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Posted by Klikmaster 27th June, 2003

i dont think i want to download
Posted by kevin karstens 29th June, 2003

Smeby...Cut some slack, jack...unless you DOWNLOAD it, can you avoid language like "I wouldnt download this game for my life"? Thats like reviewing a film ya aint even SEEN, brother...;) Unless the 'first KNP game you made' was like ATARI 2600 'Kaboom', your statement is untrue. I try to emulate that eras stuff, as its what I grew up on...I dont claim to making FANTASTIC or even GREAT games, but they ARE quite popular (judging from the download count on my site) and at LEAST entertaining, I hope....;)
Posted by xXAaronXx 29th June, 2003

you need to stop winking
Posted by xXAaronXx 29th June, 2003

you need to stop winking
Posted by kevin karstens 30th June, 2003

xXAaronXx..."You need to stop winking"? Man, can you be any MORE critical of non-important stuff? I like adding stupid coy 'winks' to what I type...lets move on. Can you please make a comment regarding THE GAME? (Sheesh!)... :)...wink!
Posted by Sami 2nd July, 2003

Nice game for a mini game . Hey where's the high scores ? What ? No High scores ? Do you expect me to remember how many points I earnd while I'm consentrating on catchin' them candy ? Nice game . Very nice taunts .
Posted by Sami 2nd July, 2003

The score doesn't reset if you start again and the same for the continues (you'll lose if one candy falls 'cos you got no lives left )





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