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Frogger Bound - Temple
Author: SoftWarewolf Submitted: 1st August, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 129

Edited By SoftWarewolf on 8/2/2003

now its been over a month since the competition ended.. i cant hold your hands off this game much longer... besides I changed and improved so much stuff that it might even count as a different game

when seeing this u probably think.. doh! not another lame frogger clone! luckily you're far off in this strange mind-twisting, very hard adventure\arcade\puzzle you have dungeon levels with flashy explosions and a pretty unique game style.

anyways not much more to say.. click download to get to the real download page on my website!

if the installer dont work correctly try the zip version:

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 (3,5mb )

Posted by Silveraura 2nd August, 2003

Trying Out, Looks cool!
Posted by Silveraura 2nd August, 2003

Installer Dosen't Work :-(
Posted by Aali [Crazy_Productions] 2nd August, 2003

cool game.. just a lil freaking hard ;)
Posted by The Chris Street 2nd August, 2003

You shouldnt put competition entries here! I've played all entries, my judgement on this game is this: No Comment. Your patience needs to be strong buddy :D
Posted by SoftWarewolf 2nd August, 2003

well.. i promised a couple of the testers that id release the game on august 1st when the competition should be over.. and i want ppl to get this version instead of the one i submited
Posted by The Chris Street 2nd August, 2003

The one you submitted was frickin dark, let me tell you XD
Posted by Tiles 3rd August, 2003

hmm,first: please implement an uninstallshield...i hate to remove all files manually... game itself:ways too hard.havenīt even managed the second frame.and this kills the fun...
Posted by SoftWarewolf 3rd August, 2003

ur not suposed to remove it :P it might be a bit too hard.. but try taking the left pat
Posted by eX Com 3rd August, 2003

yea.. care to share how you did that laser?
Posted by Kirby Smith 3rd August, 2003

Am I the only one who can't get the game to start? I click the "play now" button, and it just loops back to the very begining with the "Fueled By Fusion" logo and goes through the process again.
Posted by SoftWarewolf 3rd August, 2003

problem with the .ini then.. go inn data folder and create the file config.ini then open with notepad and paste this: [] played=2
Posted by Evil Monkey 4th August, 2003

Cool game. How did you make the music? Or did you just rip it? And also, why did you have to cuss at the end? :(
Posted by Fabian Jansen 5th August, 2003

Bad gameplay but AWESOME PROGRAMING !!!
Posted by Fabian Jansen 5th August, 2003

Posted by Aali [Crazy_Productions] 5th August, 2003

drawline or the overlay object is my bet
Posted by The Chris Street 6th August, 2003

Drawline object. Must be the only way.
Posted by Shen 8th August, 2003

Posted by SoftWarewolf 12th August, 2003

i got good news for ya ppl ;) im making a EASIER and BETTER new version of Frogger Bound :P it will be released very shortly ;)





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