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Click-o-ratical 2
Author: SoftWarewolf Submitted: 24th February, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 129

this game pretty much stands out from the regulare.
i have not yet figured out under what genre i want to place this,
its made to test you for some 1337 skills.
with some help and effort i created a online hiscore table,
so you can challenge the scores of anyone in the world.
you need to be superfast and know some basic windows techniques.
this game currently have 10 challenging levels

how to play:

on the base screen click 'initalize' to enter the briefering screen
there you can read how to play before each level.
the yellow text says how many points you need to advance next level,
press 'enter' to start the game.
if you fail you can try again, but lose 100 points.
after failing 3 or more times, you may press the '+' key next to numpads
this skips you to next level and cost 200 points.

Level Hints:

lvl 1 - clicking a box creates another one, you should try clicking even if it has 0 or very few minus.
lvl 2 - after clicking a button with mouse, you may continue clicking with the spacebar key.

Level 3&8:
on these levels you need to have the same amount of characters in the textbox as the number on the red counter
f.ex if it holds '4' you should enter "kkkk" in the text box.
you can copy text with ctrl+c and use ctrl+v to paste many letters at once,
if you select all the text you can remove all previous text instantly when you start pasting and typing again.

lvl 4 - having the mouse pointer outside window will lose points quickly.
lvl 5 - do fast circles around the whole screen. have high screen resolution (1024x768 is NOT high!).
lvl 6 - when the counter goes '0' start counting and press 'enter' after exactly 10 seconds.
lvl 7 - this is perhaps the hardest level. to press the 'n' key over 75 times in less than 10 seconds you might need to use both hands.
as for the last 2 levels, you are on your own

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Posted by Assault Andy 25th February, 2005

You should never use buttons in games.
Posted by Jack Galilee 25th February, 2005

Posted by 25th February, 2005

nice, simple and original games pack. very fun.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 25th February, 2005

To be honest I wasn't expecting much of this, but it's pretty great - making a game almost purely out of the Windows elements in MMF. I really wish it didn't use the word "1337", though.
Posted by Mike from Tri-World Creations 25th February, 2005

Assault Andy, id like to see u tell the pros that, they would laugh at u, but i beleave what u mean is standard windows buttons, true.
Posted by Noyb 25th February, 2005

Surprisingly fun.
Posted by Jack Galilee 25th February, 2005

Andy is a pro :S
Posted by matt-e-h 26th February, 2005

orignal idea, and good fun to play!!!
Posted by SoftWarewolf 26th February, 2005

thx for noticing my game wong :D nice score too ;) its to much focus on graphic these days
Posted by Nuklear41 26th February, 2005

What was this made in. I am downloading it right now.
Posted by Nuklear41 26th February, 2005

Eh, installer?
Posted by Nuklear41 26th February, 2005

THe scrolling does not work on the last level. I had to just pull the damn thing.
Posted by Al 26th February, 2005

Original concept, and very enjoyable. Presentation could be improved a bit.
Posted by Digital Dream software 27th February, 2005

im working on one at the moment but its more like marioware...
Posted by Ecchi 1st March, 2005

YAY! I am the click-o-maniac champion, what do I win? ;P
Posted by SoftWarewolf 2nd March, 2005

you bastard :P il beat you soon.. *makes angry noises* i awarded you 1cent trough paypal on your email address ^^
Posted by Ecchi 2nd March, 2005

hehe, thank you =)
Posted by axel 9th March, 2005

yay! i got to the hi-score list! on my first try! hehehe! on last place though...





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