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FireBall .:2:. (Public Demo!)
Author: SoftWarewolf Submitted: 25th June, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Bat And Ball Downloads: 152

Fireball 2 is a new style Breakout game it got the classic concept were u are suposed to destroy all the bricks with a ball and have to ensure no balls leave screen with the Bats. quite fun realy so here come my reply to these classics Fireball 2 has multiple bats 2 or more, each level has its own music and background (cool mp3 beats), its at least 10 different bricks with varius functions, and u have the ability to cast spells using magic points witch give the game a new challenge,
the game even have awesome Boss levels
boss number 2 and 4 picked levels are in this demo version,
the full game will hopefully be released this summer but atleast before christmas
the official fireball 2 website is (even trough it aint much there yet)
hope u have fun and post lotsof cool comments for me to read

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Posted by Tigerworks 25th June, 2002

Hmm... would look beautiful if it wasnt for the horrible windowsey list
Posted by Dan Cook 25th June, 2002

Posted by zork25 26th June, 2002

That Fireball 2 text is so Photoshopish!
Posted by SoftWarewolf 26th June, 2002

u poeple just look at the screenshots dont u..
Posted by The Chris Street 26th June, 2002

it DOES look pretty cool though, although I havent dloaded it yet
Posted by SoftWarewolf 26th June, 2002

please post a comment after u played it ;) or even better a review :P






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