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Frogger Bound - Dungeons
Author: SoftWarewolf Submitted: 14th August, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 135

Edited By SoftWarewolf on 8/15/2003

alot of ppl complained that my game was WAY to hard,
so i created this version, with a pack of new userfriendly levels
it also has a cool new Replay Feature =

it still has the handy level editor.. i would love if anyone would care to send me their own made levels or share me their replay's

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Posted by Nick of All Trades 15th August, 2003

Very fun. We like this game. :) :D
Posted by Andy H 15th August, 2003

A good game, interesting graphics and atmospheric sound (if sometimes a bit repetitive). This has the qualities for just one more go and makes you want to explore further. A definate 10/10. Its only downside is it does not include an uninstaller, something so simple to do when using Install Creator.
Posted by Lex 17th August, 2003

I made some levels and soft made one of em available on the update. check it out. its called Quad Mirrorz. At hard i got to L10, it has 10 levels. L1 till 9 are easy, but L10 is friggin hard. Try it :P :) Yours truly (or rather not) Unknownone ______________________________ Life is meant to be destroyed.
Posted by Lex 17th August, 2003

Oh ya, and P.S. send me your replays to And P.S.S JD try long enough and search for secrets and you'll get through everywhere, the hardest one at the end has a secret :D
Posted by Lex 17th August, 2003

P. S. S. S. i was talking about arcade mode, not my map. Im sorry for the people that went searching everywhere to find the secret in my map :p, and tell me how far you got :)
Posted by Maroarts 21st August, 2003

it looks cool B)
Posted by Jamesbuc 26th August, 2003

Ignore my review its rubbish now ive just started to see the good of this game so im sorry to anyone I offended so sorry :(
Posted by Kyle Strait 24th January, 2010

broken DL link ):
Posted by SoftWarewolf 16th February, 2010

Outdated version of the new Frog Bound that you can find here:






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