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Author: SoftWarewolf Submitted: 6th January, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 312

Edited By SoftWarewolf on 1/15/2007

(update! 15\01\07: version 1.1 All new demo levels and tutorial mode! please download again)

The hardest game you will ever play, you control a rotating stick with your mouse pointer(SpaceBar) and have to survive trough challenging levels before your energy bar runs out.
There is no luck involved, there are no chances. Its all up to your motion and concentration.

This is the sequel to my old game "pined pine mania" you can still find it here:

This is also my first attempt on selling a game as shareware, so you get a little nag screen and can only play tutorial mode, 10 mixed levels + boss

The full version (gold) features over 60 levels, level editor, adjustable difficulty and custom levels.
(you can use the level editor on demo version but you wont be able to play your levels)
It costs 14,95$ link can be found on

However since i have deep respect for the community and people making games for free, i am also giving out silver registrations.
All you have to do is send an email to with link to at least one decent game you have made and some information about yourself.
then i will reply with a key that enables you to play the full game.

mouse pointer - Move
left mouse button - Spin faster (destroy boxes)
right mouse click - Restart level
f2 - Reset game

game objective is to move spacebar to the center of 'Goal' and then defeat the evil boss by picking up red powerups really fast.

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Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 6th January, 2007

Two things to get in before everyone else:

1. Yes, it comes in an installer.
2. It's actually pretty decent!
Posted by Ski 6th January, 2007

Posted by Dr. James MD 6th January, 2007

$15? Go and run.
Posted by Ski 6th January, 2007

OMG the title looks like SPACEDAR, and I wouldn't pay for this game Im afraid, or I think you're asking too much perhaps.
Posted by axel 7th January, 2007

I won't download it, because I'm tired of all installers, and I most certainly won't buy it. $15, for that? Nevar.
Posted by Ganymede Graphics 7th January, 2007

Eh, its sortof fun but i'd never pay money for it.
Posted by steve 7th January, 2007

The YouTube video of this is very nicely done!
I wish you good luck on selling it, don't be too disheartened by the negative responses here.

The game is good and i've seen many shareware games priced 20$+ that are alot worse than this.

Some things I would personally change maybe:

*The "space bar" could have been drawn nicer or made more interesting.
*The ingame music, while fitting felt a bit cheap and uninspiring especially after watching the racy DNB video of the game beforehand.

Thumbs up!
Posted by Kai Proton 8th January, 2007

Nice Game, Not too sure about a Purchase,

but by the looks of the directory structure, you can move a rename levels in the demo folder to try one of the ones thats not a demo...I will try it...


Oh, no you cant, Cant even add later levels to the Custom folder and play from there, very nicely done.

only other thing is,

Am I the only one that didnt get a shortcut to the uninstaller in the start menu?
Posted by SoftWarewolf 8th January, 2007

hehe, thanks steve
the game is very frustrating, i think players need calm music to focus and keep playing. but have you played the boss?
i dont expect people from this community to buy the game, we have to many great games for free.
but as i said if you have made a good game you can send me an email and get free registration. i made that mostly for, so i hope it will reach the front page.
Kai: yeh demo levels have a generated code inside the .ini (.sbl) that makes them playable with demo version, but its easy to play later levels with registration.
the uninstaller is not on start menu but its in the game folder and on add\remove programs
Posted by DaVince 8th January, 2007

"i've seen many shareware games priced 20$+ that are alot worse than this. "
And they don't sell.

Will download, even though the idea doesn't sound original to me at all.
Posted by DaVince 8th January, 2007

Kuru Kuru Kururin for the GBA.
Posted by -Nick- 8th January, 2007

Yeah, i've seen quite a few clones of this style of game, but still i found this better than most and nicely made. Graphics got a bit repetitive though.

The difficulty was a bit messed up too, i flew through all the levels then got to the "boss" where i died in about 5 seconds and it took me back to the title.
Posted by steve 8th January, 2007

oh, it's not original then thats disappointing.

Posted by thewreck 8th January, 2007

Nice game overall!

However, I found that the explanation was lacking,, sure i read this post so i knew that you could destroy blocking by spinning fast, but generally, people who buy these games aren't that experienced gamers. They tend to just start the game, and if there is something they dont understand they wont bother to look it up, they will close the game... atleast thats my experience.

Also i didnt understand the purple mouse pullers middlething between levels,, sure it was pretty the first time, and perhaps second time, but when you are getting frustrated because you are dying on a level and you just want to restard, it gets very annoying..

Also, is the spinning direction saved between levels? It kinda felt that way, and it was just wierd.

Still, its a good game, but it feel freeware somehow,, i think mostly because of the lack of explanation!
Posted by SoftWarewolf 8th January, 2007

i have seen at least 3 other games with a spinning (stick) that had to dodge obstacles, but none of them were with mouse control, and that makes it a really different game in my opinion.
the hyperspace area (purple mouse puller) is so your physical mouse pointer can get to the same position as the mouse pointer in the game, if the mouse keeps jumping your physical mouse will soon be misplaced.

i agree the game could use more explanation i will probably make an update for that. thanks for the advice
Posted by Ski 8th January, 2007

Kuru Kuru Kururin was awesome
Posted by phanto 11th January, 2007

... Who would pay that amount for this game?
Posted by 12th January, 2007

I would probably say drop the cost to around $5.00 probably seems low to you, but you have to think of all the potential customers you will get with a lower price, rather then one 3x that. where you will be lucky to get 10-15 with great advertising a month.
Posted by TheoX 12th January, 2007

Great game! A few questions:
1: Is there a "level select" in the full version? I wouldn't want to have to play a ton of levels over to get to a certain one again.
2: I can't seem to save my custom level. Is the button only clickable in the registered version?

Anyway, I think MattJ here is right, you aren't going to get a lot of customers with such a high price. The game is pretty professional looking though.

Oh, and have you ever played "Oxyd"? I've played that game on a mac, but I think it might also be for the pc. SpaceBar reminds me of Oxyd as well as Kuru Kuru Kururin, of course.
Posted by SyKo 12th January, 2007

Awesome game. Luvin the concept. Found it much easier the second time round tho. + I'v been thru it like 4 times and stil have no idea how to beat that damn boss thing. Alas, good as it iz, i wudnt fork out $15 for it
Posted by Spiriax 14th January, 2007

I've had much fun with this. I have finished Pined Pine Mania many a couple of times and played this many many times now too. But the boss is too darn hard! :S
And also I must admit the boss had the most boring design I have ever seen. But that is not a big deal anyway.

I do like this game, alot. Maybe if I had more money I could have bought it... but I hope I can bring up a "decent" game soon to show at least. That would be sweet.
Posted by SoftWarewolf 15th January, 2007

hats very nice to hear
and i am happy to inform all that i have updated with a new version (1.1), it has tutorial mode and 5 new demo levels!

about the questions
1. yes the stars on the menu will take you to different parts of the game, a star can be found on every 10 levels (they work as save points)
2. true, seems to be a major glitch there, common dialog don't open, does load work for you?
i have replaced the save\load system in the new version

i don't think i will change the price, but if i change it from 14.95$ to 4.95$ f.ex, the old customers will get 10$ back.





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