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Chronowarrior (Abandoned version)
Author: Blackgaze Submitted: 13th August, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Abandoned Downloads: 194

Edited By Spiderhead on 8/16/2003

Edited By Spiderhead on 8/13/2003

Edited By Spiderhead on 8/13/2003

Edited By Spiderhead on 8/13/2003

Yes, it is here. The game I gave up and I said it never will be finished or uploaded. it will not be finished as showed but I have uploaded it as abandoned.
Here is Chronowarrior, a mega action platformer with tons of sparks, gore and enemies to blast. This abandoned version contains 3 and a half levels. All of stage 1 and half of stage 2. If your wondering why this file is 3.4 megabytes ,that is because it contains mp3s. It is also hosted on Geocities so right click and save, or drag into the address box above. Have fun playing and here are some screenshots:

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 (3.4mb )
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Posted by Blackgaze 13th August, 2003

lol, if you look at screenshots 1-4 horizontal it looks like a whole level (although its not)
Posted by Cybermaze 15th August, 2003

DL it. hmm, does not seem to work. Ive extracted all contents (with folder structure) to a new folder. But when I start the game I get a: file error! One can only click ok and thats it. No game :C Could you please check if it is the game thats wrong or something I do?
Posted by Klikmaster 15th August, 2003

Very nice. I get to a hole at the end of level 1, how do u get past?
Posted by Klikmaster 15th August, 2003

Oh, i see, the teleporter thing
Posted by Blackgaze 15th August, 2003

see? this is 2 reasons why I gave up
Posted by Blackgaze 15th August, 2003

Cybermaze, klik dl it ok, so did I.
Posted by NightShade 15th August, 2003

Shame it's not going to be finished...
Posted by eyeangle 15th August, 2003

download error :(
Posted by Blackgaze 15th August, 2003

nope. this is old now. hate it like all my games. and bloody DOWNLOAD ERRORS COME UP!!!!
Posted by Smeggy 15th August, 2003

not as good as I thought..very buggy..:'(
Posted by Blackgaze 15th August, 2003

thats why its abadoned.
Posted by Pete Nattress 15th August, 2003

your quite good at drawing, spiderhead, why did you bother using fishead's sprites etc in your spiderhead game? it could be an OK game with a bit more work. the AI is pants though. and why do they have green blood?
Posted by Blackgaze 15th August, 2003

spiderhead is a fan game of game of fishhead, i just did. thats old now. a.i sucked but better than just path movement. The gasmask people were mutant people, mutant people: green blood. this cant be finished (abadoned)
Posted by Muggus 16th August, 2003

Nothing beats a good abadoned game? ...what does abadoned mean?
Posted by gareth 16th August, 2003

how do you get to play it, i too get the file error when clickin the .exe file???
Posted by Zap{Zapdude Productions} 16th August, 2003

an abadon? Lets look it u in Zapdude's Dictionary: Aha! It's a boat carrying nuclear warheads An Abadon
Posted by Blackgaze 16th August, 2003

Posted by AndyUK 16th August, 2003

i got a file error on my dads pc then i tried it on my pc and it works but i dont know how to solve the problem. anyway i think scope is better i guess you do too spiderhead, since this is abandoned
Posted by Shme (Stupid Liar) 17th August, 2003

47 downloads and only 5 votes? lazy people...
Posted by Blackgaze 17th August, 2003

scope is Abandoned as well. too many bugs. i think these bugs are TGF, so i might cease making games until i have MMF. scope was better but i had problems with the a.i of the mutant dog and tGF bugs.
Posted by Marvel Hero 17th August, 2003

Why the hell wont mine work? This game looks sweet as hell.
Posted by Blackgaze 17th August, 2003

i might know where this doesn't work. all my other game have installers. this one does not
Posted by Blackgaze 17th August, 2003

why, not where
Posted by AndyUK 17th August, 2003

tgf isnt that buggy!? loads of games have been made with it spiderhead. tops 3 is being made in tgf and ive have almost no problems with it.
Posted by Blackgaze 18th August, 2003

tops 3 have custom movement. i used CM in Scope. i think its just me.
Posted by Overlord 23rd June, 2004

Download is broken
Posted by Blackgaze 9th December, 2004

yeah most of my game links are broken now, DC mail me if you want to upload them again but they are not the best.





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