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Spiderhead (Full Version)
Author: Blackgaze Submitted: 23rd July, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 480
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Edited By Blackgaze on 4/14/2010

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Yes folks!!! My first REAL full game and after one 1/2 years of lazy work I managed to complete Spiderhead!!!
Thanks to everyone for help and support!!!


Just before I say anything or you start to download please read these two rules!

*Recommended Medium//fast computers, not slow. This is because not only is it less fun when SLOW but it could also affect the gameplay.

* Have bloody fun!!!


Hello my name is Paul Bates (AKA Spiderhead/Blackgaze) and I created this game, it took ages but was it worth it?
This game is a platformer/action, it uses a custom movement and only minor enemies use the simple "path" movement.


Well... The first Spiderhead was never suppose to have a story but for the fun of it I added one. The story told throughout the game may have English mistakes so if anyone finds any mistakes please email me at OR comment here.
The story is about the character "Spiderhead" (who has a mutant head) is sent to "The Fields" to investigate mysterious pipelines appearing, but the story develops from there...


As I have already said, this is a platformer//action and it has the basic moving, shooting and jumping. More actions are included such as switching weapons and using buttons etc.
ONE THING that is going to bother people *me bad* is the evade, since I never added a shield or crouch (just "Bloodlust") it is really easy to get killed or hurt by enemies, the best way to evade enemy attacks I think is to jump and wait for some of them to come to you.


Ok, my pixel work is not the greatest and not the worst, but my style is my style. I did 90% of the graphics, 10% (Backgrounds etc) were done by Mr H.
You either hate it or like it, like marmite!!!

There are four types of weapons.

Pistol: basic weapon, low damage, medium speed, good range
Shotgun: 2nd weapon, med damage, slow speed, low range
Flamethrower: 3rd weapon, high damage, high speed, low range
Rocket Launcher: last weapon, very high damage, very low speed, and good range.

You gain a new weapon after each stage (except stage 5 and 6). Stage 5 only has the Wavegun (special weapon)


There are six stages in the game.

Stage 1: The fields
Stage 2: The Factory
Stage 3: Red Cave
Stage 4: The Barracks
Stage 5: Space Blast
Stage 6: Space Station


There are 10 main enemies in the game and a few extra.

Eyehead Soldier and Eyehead Berserker are two examples of enemies.


There are six bosses in the game, one for each stage. I’m not revealing WHO they are


The bad news was that I could not find someone good enough to make sound effects for this game, so Spiderhead uses a variety of sounds from Half-Life’s Counter-strike to C&C Red Alert.


To me the music is the best part because Josh Whelchel has designed the mods so that most of them were perfect for what I wanted. There are 27 MOD songs.


If you noticed in the readme/game credits it says “15% Multimedia Fusion” and “85% The Games Factory”, this means that I started off making this game in The Games Factory and near the end I converted to MMF for such options as the moving backgrounds.


Some members may know Spiderhead as the “Fishhead rip-off”. It originally started as “Spiderhead and the Webstone” which WAS a rip-off down to the code and graphics. This however is a brand new game with original code and graphics etc. The only problem was that I learned some graphics and code tips from Hayo Van Reek (Fishhead creator) so sorry to anyone who thinks that I ripped the code.


This is the list of testers for “Spiderhead” (sorry if I missed anyone, these were on my list)

Brady, Jambo, Age, Andyuk, Steve Harris, Doodle, Tom Filhol, Tina, Jonas, Jim, Circy, CYS and Brandon.


Some people (if any) have been waiting for this game for some time and I’m sorry for the delay, the reason why it was delayed was because of four problems:

Bugs – Annoying ones takes me months to fix
Tired – I got a bit lazy near the middle…
Arguments – I managed to get into some pointless arguments with people about this game and other things.
Music – I had problems contacting with “Josh Whelchel “ (Music) so I received some music late my mistakes


If you “somehow” complete all six stages you will receive the “extras” founded in the “load”, this accesses music and enemy data etc


Sadly you only have one save game slot and if you start a new game then it is removed. When you enter a new level it auto-saves, this should be lucky if the game crashes when entering the new level (rarely and HOPEFULLY lucky)


If anyone finds any bugs in the game (there are still some minor bugs I know but cannot be removed) please tell me here or email me at
This could be an engine bug, to “text” problems.


Sadly there will be no sequel due to problems and I can’t create Spiderhead in the imagine that I wanted, I still Don’t hate the idea of Spiderhead (Except the Fishhead rip off… what was I on…) but I can’t set it out as I wanted.


Contact me:

AIM: the blackgaze


Special thanks to:

Josh Whelchel – Music which I needed so badly and received good feedback.
Steve Harris - advice, testing and mainly my FTP account
Daniel Bryant – testing and giving me MMF + TGF
Mr H – (AKA Hayo Van Reek) for advise, testing and teachings (sorry about the argument, me bad)

*edit* I would also like to say that even though this game is "good-crap" it is also my very first full and completed game, and I was only 14-16 when I did 95% of this.


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Posted by Blackgaze 24th July, 2005

nick -> the crashing is not my fault, I can't help how MMF works. The only way to ignore it is to speed up your computer (close programs down) or try loading it back up. Hisnak I think you're right, I gre up on that game AND I forgot all about them till now. thanks CYS!!! and josh!!! AND david!!! Oh yeah sorry david clarke, do you still want to get added in the next version? thanks strange!!!
Posted by CsaR 24th July, 2005

I get the error too, it says something about modfusionex.cox
Posted by Blackgaze 24th July, 2005

wow does it? how odd... it should only do that when oepning it up as a source... but it is a exe... I am... confused? dammit josh! lol
Posted by Blackgaze 24th July, 2005

ok, who voted down!
Posted by Josh Whelchel 24th July, 2005

I'm currently trying to fix the bug, but I think it's related to code in MMF rather than something I did. If this is the case then it can be easily resolved. However, I cannot recreate this bug, which means this will take a while :/
Posted by Blackgaze 24th July, 2005

ok file sent, you should receive it by email. it be easier if you talked on msn
Posted by Dr. James MD 24th July, 2005

crashed on bootup
Posted by Imadjinn 24th July, 2005

Fan-fecking-tastic! Got to the 4th level and got done in by the suicide bombers... Changing weapon could be a little easier, but that's just about the only gripe. Great graphics, sound, everything. I noticed that some of the sound effects are from Final Fantasy VII. Excellent choice :P
Posted by Hill Gigas 24th July, 2005

Congratulations on finishing this! Its obvious you put a lot of effort into it. I've only gotten to level 2, but I hope to change that in a few minutes! :P
Posted by Blackgaze 24th July, 2005

yeah read the SPIDERHEAD README. It says where the sounds came from. BY THE WAY!!! the link may be done, I believe (with help with Josh Whelchel) I have fixed the crash problem (hopefully). So give me 20 minutes to upload. *people who had crash problems, try downloading again soon*
Posted by Blackgaze 24th July, 2005

ok the next version is uploaded!!! lets hope it works!
Posted by Blackgaze 24th July, 2005

great a 3rd down... geez.
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 24th July, 2005

cool it works now. The game was pretty cool ;D. Your music is awesome, as always Josh.
Posted by Blackgaze 24th July, 2005

thanks, glad it works :)
Posted by Mephistex 24th July, 2005

As soon as I try to boot it up, I get one of those oh-so-lovely 'This program has encountered an error and needs to close' boxes. I take it this is not a gameplay feature.
Posted by Blackgaze 24th July, 2005

did you download the correct version? Two people who had that problem don't have it no more. Maybe just your computer :(
Posted by Mephistex 24th July, 2005

Well, I downloaded it from the link above, so either that's still linking to the old file or the fix hasn't solved all possible issues.
Posted by Blackgaze 24th July, 2005

its the new file. just try loading it back up
Posted by Dr. James MD 24th July, 2005

you say its a good-crap game but you seem saddened by 3 thumbs down?
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 24th July, 2005

Sweet Jesus! El Saviour you do exist!
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 24th July, 2005

Seriously, I didn't think this would ever be released. Awesome!
Posted by AndyUK 24th July, 2005

Oh crikey it's finished! Well done for sticking with it. I can't wait, well I will have to wait (4 mins) for it to download lol.
Posted by Blackgaze 24th July, 2005

thanks all. Well Jim it is... good crap. It just that people are voting down now and harly anyone votes up. I hate when that happens *on any game, even not mine (except really poor)*
Posted by Dustin Gunn 24th July, 2005

I thumbs upped it, it's a good game. The projectiles from enemies are hard to see and hard to dodge though.
Posted by Blackgaze 24th July, 2005

yeah I know. Yet more people vote down...
Posted by AndyUK 24th July, 2005

It's awsome so far. One small niggle is what i said about the beta too. The enemies don't get stunned and shoot too quick. Jumping on their heads stuns them for so little time that they are ok by the time you start shooting at them again.
Posted by Blackgaze 25th July, 2005

yeah I know about that, I tried fixing that but "somehow" it didn't want to be fixed.
Posted by Cazra 25th July, 2005

it crashes when the music starts on the 3rd boss. Great game though.
Posted by Hill Gigas 25th July, 2005

Blackgaze, dont let thumbs down bother you. There are always like six or seven people who always vote thumbs down. I call them "the discouraging seven" (you know who you are). Plus, many people vote thumbs down because of computer problems, which is unfair, but it happens.
Posted by AndyUK 25th July, 2005

They're people that think. If it's not half life 2 it's a thumbs down. Well maybe. I like, it's what fishead 3 could have been + a darker mood.
Posted by Blackgaze 25th July, 2005

snerlin try loading the boss back up, keep trying because it may not always crash. thanks all.. not many reviews yet...
Posted by colej_uk 26th July, 2005

This game rocks :D No crashes for me, and it runs prefectly.
Posted by Blackgaze 26th July, 2005

Posted by Cazra 26th July, 2005

yay! It didn't crash this time after a million tries to load it! Sorry, meant to say that it crashed on the 4th boss, not the 3rd. The 5th world reminded me of the space level in Rocket Knight Adventures. That was a great game although quite overlooked.
Posted by Cazra 26th July, 2005

Posted by The Chris Street 26th July, 2005

I like this game :) I'd give it a 7/10 though because its extremely hard to NOT get hit during any level. The Bloodlust Mode is cool. What would have been better is if the enemies were stunned for a longer period of time, it surely couldn't have been too hard to do that. At the moment I've made it to the beginning of Level 4 without dying, then I turned it off because it was time for bed :D
Posted by Matt Boothman 26th July, 2005

I'm still laughing at the "Blackgaze = Black Gays" joke.
Posted by Blackgaze 26th July, 2005

lol. Snerlin: PRESENTATION: agreed, I should of added the character press + bloodlust time. GAMEPLAY: couldn't agree any better. GRAPHICS: Mr H did the "bloodlust chart" graphics also. SOUND and MUSIC: I wanted to use original sounds but no one could create what I wanted, I was lucky enough to find Josh for the music, he got the perfect image of "music" for my game. LASTABILITY: I was going to add more to the menu (minigame, training etc) but I thought the people wouldn't bother with them. Your review is basiclly what I was expecting, thanks :)
Posted by Cybermaze 26th July, 2005

This is one of the games I have been waiting for, so downloading it now!
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 26th July, 2005

I liked it, it was pretty standard platform fare, but it didn't matter because it was fun.
Posted by Blackgaze 27th July, 2005

Posted by timsoft 29th July, 2005

great game. I can't bounce high enough on stage6 level 1 to get anywhere though. am I missing something or what?
Posted by Blackgaze 29th July, 2005

this is what I feared, some reason unlike many other games this game plays different per computer. thats why I said *fast* computers. Because on my computer stage 6 the jump is so high that sometimes not only does it reach the destination but also the top, sorry if I added extra springs to reach the top for slower players it might cause bugs on fast computers (getting stuck on walls, jumping too near) Anyway all I can say is find a way to make your computer run faster during games, I'm sorry about this.
Posted by timsoft 30th July, 2005

that's a shame. i would have thought a 2400+XP processor with 512mb ram and win98 should have been fast enough for anything 2d. I'll try temporarily disabling antivirus to see if that helps. Maybe you could use the powerapp pro lite object to check the processor speed and adjust the bounce accordingly. All the rest of the game performs fine (unless I have my own version of TGF running at the same time).
Posted by Blackgaze 30th July, 2005

you have a faster computer than me... so I don't get it... the jump should woks if the game runs smoothly... in other words "you're fucked now"
Posted by Hayo 31st July, 2005

Nice to see you used my backgrounds anyway....
Posted by Blackgaze 31st July, 2005

you said to me I could use them without crediting you, I did not use your "name" but something else...
Posted by Nuklear41 4th August, 2005

SPIDA HED!!!!omfg theis geema is the shiezlle---12@@@@OMFP this ISS THe SHillzyz I acn Likce another dayz without this is juzst oOWOWOW!!!!
Posted by Blackgaze 4th August, 2005

sure whatever... in english?
Posted by The Chris Street 8th August, 2005

Stop talking like a prat, Nuks. I beat this, great final boss :D





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