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Spiderhead's Arcade Collection
Author: Blackgaze Submitted: 5th November, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 157

Edited By Spiderhead on 11/5/2003

This is my Klik Academy Arcade pack. It contains "Warp" and "Blast Them!" TGF OPEN SOURCE!!!
You can find out how i created the gravity change and more!
Please don't rip the graphics, if you want the graphics please DC mail me first or I will take action, thankyou

Have fun playing and learning (Coding learning i mean, not horrible.... school... learning....... i dont know what I talking about...)
Here are some screenshots

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Posted by CYS 6th November, 2003

You are panicky... anyway, 2 great games you've gotten here. :D
Posted by Daniel[Crazy_Productions] 6th November, 2003

wohoo! those are some really awsome games you got there!:D
Posted by Blackgaze 6th November, 2003

screenshot 1 and 2 show if you click on them. thanks for the comments, keep them coming.
Posted by renneF 6th November, 2003

why is this on the front page??
Posted by Smeggy 6th November, 2003

I've heard of hyping your games but this is just stupid! As for the games, cool!
Posted by Blackgaze 6th November, 2003

"As for the games, cool!" for the first time Jon lol. Thanks
Posted by Robert100chat 6th November, 2003

Sounds good downloading now
Posted by Smeggy 6th November, 2003

heheh, its ok :)
Posted by Aali [Crazy_Productions] 6th November, 2003

"Coding learning i mean, not horrible.... school... learning......." who said you can't learn coding in school? ;) downloading...
Posted by renneF 6th November, 2003

The games aren't too great..
Posted by Aali [Crazy_Productions] 6th November, 2003

quite nice gfx.. but otherwise it kinda sucks, too dull and repeating
Posted by ChrisB 6th November, 2003

It's alright, nothing special, but I think I said that on Klik Academy :P I wonder how you created the gravity change, but then I realised that I never use the default platform movement so it doesn't make any difference to me. Ho hum.
Posted by AndyUK 6th November, 2003

why are they over a meg? they are really small as vitalise files.
Posted by renneF 7th November, 2003

I think its the music
Posted by Chace 8th November, 2003

spiderhead, your screenies clearly show that the backround in has been ripped and edited from CYS' speed engine: Compare the backrounds.
Posted by Blackgaze 8th November, 2003

i was wonderring when someone would say that. ok i have had a talk with CYS about that. i uploaded blast them to Klik Academy before cys speed engine. when speed engine got uploaded and i saw the screenshot i thought "That is my graphics! he has ripped it". it did look like my graphics but after the talk he drawed the graphics from the same place i used for my graphics. from a game called RKA. so speed engine is not ripped from mine, and mine is not ripped from speed.
Posted by Hayo 8th November, 2003

they look different anyway





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