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Author: Spram Submitted: 20th October, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 289

Edited By Spram on 7/14/2004

A sequel to an old game I had that I once submitted to the Click Café. Like the old one, it's a plataformer starring Joe the Furball and unlike the old one it's done. Finished. Complete. It's fairly difficult so I doubt most people will finish it, but go ahead and try it.

Your town's candy has been stolen and replaced by tomatoes, you must use these tomatoes as weapons in order to get your candy back! By the way you'll meet more than 30 different enemies and 6 areas with 4 levels each! The game automatically saves your progress once you finish an area.

This game includes:
- More than 30 enemies.
- 6 bosses and some minibosses.
- Totally original graphics that look hand-drawn.
- Each level is unique.
- Save feature.
- DVD-like extras, including Music-Test and Bestiary.
- Hand picked music done by people who I've credited.
- Totally neat effects like rain, thunder and other stuff.
- One player only
- Paralax Scrolling
- Points (not saved)

The game is fullscreen 640x480, you can press W to turn into a window, but you cant go back to fullscreen. Press J for joystick support. It also contains giant transparent active objects which may run slowly on your computer, check the demo (read below) to see if the game runs smoothly and without errors.

- Character jumps very high and never comes down.
- Character jumps out of the frame.
- Character dissapears.
- Character swims out of water.
- Character falls off some clouds (Dont press down).
+ I've theoretically fixed them all, but you never know. Most people haven't had any errors, just dont try to jump off the screen, there is nothing up there and there is a chance of 1 in 50 of getting stuck up there. You'll have to press F2 to reset the game or ESC to exit.

If you are unsure you want to download 17MBs of a game you dont know may even run badly on your computer, then try the demo, it's only 1 MB! To download the demo go to the main page:

Enjoy! Give feedback!

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 (17mb )

Posted by Klikmaster 21st October, 2003

This is great. I know if anyones doubting getting this cos of its file size, its worth it.
Posted by AfterStar 21st October, 2003

I tried in on my PC and it had all the bugs you mentioned! Then i tried on my dad's laptop AND THERE WERE NO BUGS(maybe minor ones)! I couldn't cheat-fly by jumping and jumping!So the game was cool! Pretty weird thought ;)! Oh well!
Posted by Spram 21st October, 2003

That's strange. Too bad. :(
Posted by AfterStar 21st October, 2003

Oh and if you turn into window mode the game GOES EXTREMELY SLOW! Why's bad?I can play the game just like as it was ment to be played!(NO jumping cheats and bugs) -Yes its strange,i can't explain it...
Posted by Astral_86 21st October, 2003

Downloading.... :D
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 21st October, 2003

Looks great, Spram! When (if) I get the chance, I will download.
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 22nd October, 2003

This game looks very good, i'm downloading the demo as 17mb's a bit much for me.
Posted by Muggus 22nd October, 2003

Looks great...wish I had the time and patients to download...XD
Posted by -_darkman_- 22nd October, 2003

this is probably the best klik platform game i've ever played.Solid engine,solid graphics, solid gameplay=one tasty game
Posted by Joeri Pisart (Bloody Jojo) 22nd October, 2003

Looks great!
Posted by Astral_86 22nd October, 2003

This is GGGGRRRREEEEAAAATTTT!!!:D:D:D Congratulations on a SPLENDID game!! It is pretty hard though...haven't even managed thru the Arrido land :P Thx for me! Bye!
Posted by Astral_86 22nd October, 2003

Hi again! I was just playing this game...but I've noticed some stuff in the game that you may want to fix Spram: 1. At Arrido Land stage 3 the character is bugged when you enter the goal. 2. If you push yourself against the wall, and go down, you can actually skip stage 1 at the hamster cage! 3. AfterStar is right, if the game is laggy you can actually fly! I don't know if that is able to fix though... :( I'll go continue playing this game now! :) Thx for me again! :)
Posted by Spram 22nd October, 2003

Astral_86: 1. Yes it is. Gonna fix it. 2. Yes, that too. Well. It's easy to fix but kinda cool to find out... :) 3. I tried to fix this. I dont know how. I'll try other options.
Posted by Spram 22nd October, 2003

Astral_86: Do you fly in the game when it gets laggy? Where?
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 23rd October, 2003

Excellent game. I haven´t time to review it, but if i could i would take 9/10 points. But it´s not THAT strange that the game is so good. I mean, you´re 24 years old and probably very smart. heheh
Posted by Astral_86 23rd October, 2003

Response to Spram: 1. Good :D 2. Yeah it is cool to find out...but I just realized that you cannot move further if you make it thru stage 2 hamster cage without beating stage 1 :) 3. Fly and fly...if it's laggy (I had Kazaa on when it was laggy for me) then you jump, and your jump is much higher than normally...that's what I mean with jump. :) Bad that it was hard to fix thou :(... I'll go continue playing this great game now! :D
Posted by AfterStar 23rd October, 2003

The Graphics are very good!How did you do the SKY?
Posted by Spram 23rd October, 2003

Sky: Airbrush tool in Paintshop Pro.
Posted by Batchman 23rd October, 2003

Very cool game :)
Posted by Spram 23rd October, 2003

Heh. People hate the fact that it's a 17Mb file. I think I overdid it. Should have done it in 320x200 like Hyper Quadrant.
Posted by Spram 23rd October, 2003

Unfortunately, this would be my last game. I have a few ideas for more games, but I wont have time from now on. :(
Posted by Nickstudios 23rd October, 2003

this game is cool i like the music it really goes with the game with the happy looking characters and all
Posted by Astral_86 24th October, 2003

I agree with Nickstudios!! Hey Spram! I just realized that you could skip act 4 stage 3 too!! At the act 3 I couldn't skip stage 1 'cuz when you made it thru stage 2 you couldn't move on if you skipped stage 1...but this time it worked 'cuz I skipped the stage before the last one in the act so I'm in the act 5 now :D By the way...boss act 4 was a pussy!! you just had to avoid the dude, which was EXTREMELY simple! :D Well, sorry for the long message... see ya! :)
Posted by Spram 24th October, 2003

Thanks. Thanks Wong Chung. I wasn't really expecting to upload this but I did anyway. I should have taken it easier and did it in 320x200, but It was too late.
Posted by 24th October, 2003

why so big?
Posted by Spram 25th October, 2003

It's big because of the many different graphics and levels. The resolution 640x480 is the biggest problem here since not only sprites have to be bigger, but the game takes much more bytes. Learn from other people's mistakes, if you're gonna do a plataformer that everyone can play, use 320x200 res.
Posted by NUB 25th October, 2003

Nice game, fun. But the lil gits with the fans really need to be slapped, everytime you go to jump over somthing theres a lil yellow guy with a big assed hover craft fan trying to stop you jumpng over the sharp leaves and turn your bottom into a pin cushion :P lol, very entertaining.
Posted by Spram 25th October, 2003

You can kill the guys with the fans. And dont worry, they're in just 3 or 4 levels. By the way, review my game and win $0000000000.00 dollars! Look at all those zeros!
Posted by ShadowCaster 25th October, 2003

OMFG I was up to the robot boss, I had 4 lives left and full health... and then it crashed @_@ I tried using the Continue feature but it wouldnt let me {cry}
Posted by ruffles 28th October, 2003

Everything is great except the gameplay. You don't have any precision with the jumps, and a better engine could have made it a really awesome game. Plays a lot like Bubsy, with GFX in the same style, but with the addition of tomatoes and less speed.
Posted by Scooby Noob 29th October, 2003

This game rocks XD This is one of the games i've been wating for, it contains 'happy' colors, i love it :D
Posted by Silveraura 29th October, 2003

The name drew me away, but now that I saw a screen shot on the homepage, this game diffrently looks werth it! Downloading...
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 29th October, 2003

This is a bit too big too download. I'll have to get it over night. Looks cool, though.
Posted by Silveraura 29th October, 2003

Played Like(Stracth) LOVED Reviewed Voted for it in GOTW Voted Thumbs up Great job!
Posted by Jason Orme 30th October, 2003

*Download* Looks impressive, Sounds Great.
Posted by Spram 30th October, 2003

It's on the front page now? Neat! I never tought it would be there, anyway. Thanks.
Posted by Strife 1st November, 2003

Fantastic! Definately worth the download. :D I've been waiting for a game with a Super Mario World-ish map, and now my wait is finally over... By the way, I would recommend using an Array file to save your game. Otherwise people can cheat and edit the INI file. ;)
Posted by Strife 3rd November, 2003

Hmmm, i've been playing this game for a while now. WOW! It's much better than I could have ever imagined! I'm in Poopoonia right now; geez, that last level is a pain in the sack. But why the low number of votes? This game is WAY better than Milber 2!!! It deserves more attention! Perhaps you could make another version of the game with a smaller screen, so that "less fortunate" people can play it. But of course, I love the big 640 x 480 screen. ;)
Posted by Spram 4th November, 2003

Strife: My games never get good votes and are only liked by a few. Just feel proud that you're part of a small L337 group.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 5th November, 2003

*Downloading* (finally...)
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 5th November, 2003

*Downloaded* This is the greatest game I've ever played on this site!!! :D I love cartoony graphics. How the sky was drawn was excellent. The only thing that bugged me was how at times it went slow, and how I sometimes fell of the screen. But other then that, this game was :D great! :D
Posted by Nickstudios 5th November, 2003

Man were'd you get the soundtrack for this game some songs on it are tight
Posted by Spram 8th November, 2003

Nick: Laura's midi heaven. Took me some time.
Posted by Strife 15th November, 2003

Sweet! I must have played Blimpo's castle at least 20 times, but I did it! I finally defeated Blimpo! :D An excellent ending to an excellent game! So tell me, are you planning on making a sequel? ;)
Posted by Strife 15th November, 2003

By the way, I know how to fix the bug where you jump higher than usual: Simply create your own in-game timer. I make them for all my games. Not only does it stop the "Alt bug", but it also ensures that the game runs fairly on all systems. Tigerworks shows you how to do this. Go to and download the "Custom Game Timer" tutorial.
Posted by Spram 21st November, 2003

My game got blasted on klik-me. 5/10 :(
Posted by Phredreeke 25th October, 2004

This is good, I'm glad you put it online again.
Posted by Meteorite Capacity 27th June, 2005

Nice graphics, nice gameplay, well thought-out mapping, what more can you ask for? This would make a great game for Game Boy Advance, but that would ruin my life! ^^






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