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Blimpo Warrior 2 (-DEMO-)
Author: Spram Submitted: 3rd November, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 156

Edited By Spram on 11/3/2004

I made a game called Blimpo Warrior a long time ago in a RPG Engine called Verge. Now, after all this time, I decided to make a MMF sequel.

It's a weird mix of Platformer, RPG and Mini-games.
This demo is pretty short, but it has a lot of things to do. Well, whatever. I'm tired.

So, last time after Furballs I said I was probably not going to make another game, well, here it is anyway. Heh. Bye.

Sorry for the crap screenshots.

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Posted by Noyb 3rd November, 2004

It's a neat idea to make an RPG with minigames instead of random battles, and platformy bits instead of dungeons. It's also cool how all the dialogue is spoken aloud. However, the demo suffers from a common problem in standard RPG's: repetitiveness. In RPGs you have to fight battles over and over again to level up, but in this game you have to play minigames over and over again to gain enough money to beat the demo. Granted, the minigames' engines are all solid (despite a finicky double-jump in the platform section), well-designed, and entertaining at first, but your money supply grows slowly in relation to your goal, so you are forced to repeat one or more minigame of your choice many times in order to reach it. Also, to see your stats, you need to wait motionless for a bit on the overworld, during which time you are likely to get into a minigame battle. This demo has personality, though, and should wind up being a really fun game.
Posted by Teapot 4th November, 2004

Spram is back? yay.
Posted by Galaxy613 4th November, 2004

Woah, I gotta try this one, Spram's stuff always has quailty.
Posted by Galaxy613 4th November, 2004

Very nice! It needs a save function, and a story. I really liked the new mix of minigames instead of the same old same old! I like battling the Flying guys the best.
Posted by Phredreeke 4th November, 2004

Nice. As Noyb mentioned, the minigames get a bit repetive though. And the amount of geld you receive for the apple catcher and basement cleaner game is quite pitiful. Would be nice to see your stats after powering up too. CK4R1, there IS a save fuction =P
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 4th November, 2004

Sweet! I'm gonna try your other games now :)
Posted by Phredreeke 4th November, 2004

Err... No Phizzy, I'm not german. Besides that, I don't see whether I'm german or not has to do with this game =P As I said, it's nice. I'd like to see the full version of this game. BTW, I'd suggest making it so that you won't have to pay again for taking the boat after the first ride.
Posted by Coop 4th November, 2004

i liked. a few minor glitches i found: 1.) one time when i was leaving the second castle (not the one in the snow or the one you start in) i walked into that black stuff and it didnt transport me back outside, i had to come out and back in again. 2.) some of the people walking around town can walk through you, or partially into you and you can't move. 3.) after you wait like 30 seconds that bubble comes up showing your stats..the bubble shows up behind the windows of fire or whatever they were in the castle in the snow. (is there a button to press to show stats?) you definatly need to add more mini games and ways to make money (you probably already new that). also, did you make anything after the boat ride? im not sure if it will be worth it to make all that money to go on the boat.
Posted by Spram 4th November, 2004

Nope, there's nothing after the boat ride. Anyway, I made it so that money appears on the snowboarding game. I will add more money to the cave (maybe killed enemies leave coins?) and will make "Enter" bring up the menu. Thanks for the critisism.
Posted by Spram 4th November, 2004

I updated the file. Now there's more money in the cave, you win 1 Geld per 2 apples instead of 1 per 5 apples. And you can win money in the other minigames. No new mini-games, not yet.
Posted by Beeb 5th November, 2004

Fantasic demo! But I don't like the platform part. At first it was easy for me to double jump then it just became harder and harder plus I think he moves to fast. I was standing on a little platform and pressed the key to move over and he falls off. Other then that the game was great and I really hope you finish it!
Posted by Lazernaut 5th November, 2004

Damn this is cool ^_^
Posted by Guillermo (Cc) 10th November, 2004

Man I like this game's concept, it's fresh and original, I liked the voices and the style in general, I hope you get better in the technical department though, it's full of glitches -the ones mentioned above-, but it's a great idea no doubt, congrats! I hope you finish the game.
Posted by cielx 24th November, 2004

this game rules. i demand more!!!
Posted by Wicked Studios 16th February, 2005

This really is a great idea and i think you should make more. Actually, I command you make more, as your chronologic superior (Im older than you). NOW!
Posted by Meteorite Capacity 27th June, 2005

This game rocks! I love the idea of playing an RPG, and along the way playing a "4-Four"-style game and "Dance Dance Revolution" as Joe. The dancing part was so cute it left me in tears. More, please! ^^





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